Realistic 2011 NFL Free Agent aquisitions for the Chiefs



This season we surpassed our expectations and made the playoffs. Ok, now reality check. We actually have to face competition next year. Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, New England, New York Jets, and the list goes on. We need help this offseason if we are going to compete with the likes of these top tier teams. We all know what the priorities are for this team. First of all we need an offensive coordinater. Then we need a WR to play opposite of Pro Bowler Dwayne Bowe, an NT, OLB, C, Back up QB, and possibly a RT. So where do we look for these solutions?



Realistic Candidates are; Aubrayo Franklin, SF, Brandon Mebane, SEA, Anthony Dixon, PHI, and Antonio Johnson, IND.

The best out of all of these Nose tackles in my opinion is Aubroyo Franklin. The most realistic choice out of all of these Nose tackles, Aubroyo Franklin. Brandon Mebane and every other Seattle free-agent for this upcoming offseason is going to want to re-sign. That victory over the Saints and Pete Carrol give them a really high ceiling as far as capability to compete for the Super Bowl in the future. Opposite situation. Aubroyo Franklin is on a team in the same division as the Seattle Seahawks and was expected to be a part of the first 49ers division championship team in several years. They didnt even sniff the playoffs. Franklin was franchised last season, expect him to look for a contender this offseason and Romeo Crennel and the Chiefs are a perfect fit.

bottom line: sign Aubrayo Franklin and Draft Sione Pua in 3rd round for depth and a future starting Nose Tackle.


Realistic Candidates are; Sidney Rice, MIN, Danny Amendola, STL, Steve Smith, NYG, and Steve Breaston, ARI.

Outside of Danny Amendola I dont really like any of these WR. Amendola would be perfect in our offense. Has some of the best hands in football, runs great routes, and is a consistent kick and punt returner. He is of the same skill set and stature as Wes Welker and we all know how good Matt Cassel was with a guy like him on offense. Problem with that signing is simply two words, Sam Bradford. The rookie had the best statistical season for a rookie in the history of the NFL and without anyone besides Amendola to throw to. Amendola has to be excited to be a part of an offense with a guy like Sam Bradford at center so I dont think he would want to sign elsewhere. Breaston is a solid receiver but out of what I've seen from him, hes just solid at everything but great at nothing. He looks like a Colts receiver. They'll get 1,000 yards with Manning (god I hate him) and fail to crack 800 with anyone else. His Manning is the currently retired Kurt Warner. Cassel is obviously not the caliber of QB that Warner is and I doubt Breaston would show up big in this offense. Rice and a lot of the other Vikings like Frasier and see a great future with their team minus the QB situation. Also after Rice's last full season being a pro bowl one, he'll probably want a load of money that Pioli isnt willing to fork for a number 2 receiver.

bottom line: draft Justin Blackmon or Jonathan Baldwin in the 1st round two start opposite of The Show.


They are not many candidates that are realistic and skilled. We should probably look into the draft for a OLB. Any the Stud has shown signs of greatness but another young stud wouldnt hurt at OLB. Pay Tamba Hali like a top 5 OLB and we should have a solid linebacking core with everyone having a year of Crennel under their belt and another year of the 3-4.

bottom line: draft Jeremy Beal


Realistic candidate: Ryan Kalil 

Casey Weigmann had a great run about 3/4s of the season and started slowing down. He was getting man handled by several Nose Tackles and I thinks he has almost ran out of gas. Re-sign him for one more year for depth and mentoring and then goodbye. Ryan Kalil is a great Center and made the pro bowl this year. He is on the worst team in football and after Andrew Luck said he wasnt going to declare, they dont have much of a future. Ryan Kalil and every other O-lineman who is going to be a unrestricted free agent all probably have Kansas City high on their wish list. We set a culture around here that is run first and the guys we have running it are the best in the game at it. Who wouldnt want to block for Jamaal Charles?

bottom line: Sign Ryan Kalil to a long term deal, give Weigmann another year just for depth and mentoring, and improve the best run game in football

Backup QB

Realistic candidates: Matt Moore, Seneca Wallace, and Alex Smith

Wallace has often been an underrated quarterback when he gets his opportunities. He maneuvers well in the pocket and can cause problems on the perimeter, but also manages offenses very well. Finding success in both Seattle and Cleveland, he appears to be the most proven back-up quarterback on the market. He may not drum up a lot of attention, but he’ll successfully execute orders when asked to enter the game.

bottom line: sign Seneca Wallace.


With Aubrayo Franklin being 30 years old, we could sign him to a short deal around 3 or 4 years. The main guy we would be spending big bucks on is Center Ryan Kalil because he is a proven, young, elite player. Pioli isnt the type to fork a lot of money out over an offseason so these guys seem like they would be his limit. Now that we have the 21st draft pick, we can pay Justin Blackmon (whom I hope project us drafting) a reasonable deal.

Who to Re-sign:

1. Tamba Hali

2. Brandon carr

3. Shaun Smith

4. Jovan Belcher

5. Barry Richardson

6. Ryan O'Callaghan

7. Leonard Pope

8. Jon McGraw

Who not to re-sign

1. Mike Vrabel

2. Brodie Croyle

3. Rudy Niswanger

Who to release

1. Chris Chambers


My 2011-12 Depth Chart

QB: Matt Cassel, Seneca Wallace*

RB: Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones, Jackie Battle

FB: Tim Castille

WR: Dwayne Bowe, Justin Blackmon**, Dexter McCluster, Kevin Curtis*, Verran Tucker, Terrance Copper

TE: Tony Moeaki, Brad Cottam, Leonard Pope

RT: Barry Richardson, Ryan O'Callaghan

RG: Ryan Lilja, Jon Asamoah

C: Ryan Kalil*, Casey Weigmann

LG: Brian Waters, Jon Asamoah

LT: Branden Albert


LE: Shaun Smith, Tyson Jackson

NT: Aubrayo Franklin*, Sione Fua**

RE: Glenn Dorsey, Wallace Gilberry

ROLB: Tamba Hali, Cam Sheffield

RILB: Derrick Johnson, Demorrio Williams

LILB: Jovan Belcher, Corey Mays

LOLB: Jeremy Beal**, Andy Studebaker

LCB: Brandon Flowers, Javier Arenas, Travis Daniels

RCB: Brandon Carr, Jackie Bates, Maurice Legget

FS: Kendrick Lewis, Jon McGraw

SS: Eric Berry

K: Ryan Succop

P: Dustin Colquitt

KR: Dexter McCluster, Javier Arenas

PR: Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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