My 2011 Free Agency Wish List

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KC Chiefs 2011 Free agent Wish list:


BTW: all the write ups of players is from

This is just a list of the players I want



Seneca Wallace (CLE) – Wallace has often been an underrated quarterback when he gets his opportunities. He maneuvers well in the pocket and can cause problems on the perimeter, but also manages offenses very well. Finding success in both Seattle and Cleveland, he appears to be the most proven back-up quarterback on the market. He may not drum up a lot of attention, but he’ll successfully execute orders when asked to enter the game.




Matt Moore (CAR) – The collapse of the Panthers still remains an enigma to me. In the past, the team responded well to Matt Moore at quarterback. He fitted nice passes and protected the football, two things he absolutely didn’t do this year. To top it off, he suffered a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder in November, which won’t allow him to throw until March. He’s played the back-up role well in the past, so it seems that’s what he’s best suited to do.




Drew Stanton (DET) – Flat out, he looks like he could be a solid backup, with the potential to start. Also, we know if Cassel goes down, he can step in and do a fine job, with a less that stellar team around him.


Hb: None




Vonta Leach (HOU) (FB) – The Pro Bowl fullback loves smashing heads with linebackers and has paved the way for what may be the league’s leading rusher. Houston will look to keep its ground success going, which very much includes Leach.




Le’Ron McClain (BAL) (FB) – McClain will probably ask for more carries and given the success of Peyton Hillis, a similarly proportioned back, maybe he’ll find it elsewhere. The Ravens will still have strong interest in retaining his services though.




This is assuming we keep Kevin Curtis


Steve Smith (NYG) – Smith was the perfect slot receiver for the Giants’ terrific threesome and was on his way to his second consecutive 1000-yard season before an injury derailed him in the middle of the year and leaves the start of his 2011 season in jeopardy. The Giants will know his situation best and are therefore the frontrunners for Steve Smith.




Steve Breaston (ARI) – The Cardinals know the health of Breaston’s knee better than any other teams. If it checks out clean, they also know his abilities better than anyone else. He’s a breakout star in the making and would form a formidable duo with Larry Fitzgerald if the team could get their quarterback situation untangled.


TE: None




RT: Tyson Clabo (ATL) – Clabo has formed one half of Atlanta’s dominant run-blocking right side. He’s a nasty, physical run blocking tackle who has developed into a steady pass blocker as well. Though the Falcons have several key components of their offensive line set to hit free agency this offseason, none will be more important than ensuring that Ryan stays upright than Clabo. Entering the league as an undrafted free agent, Clabo will be set to strike a lucrative deal.


OG: None




Ryan Kalil (CAR) – The Panthers have an uphill battle to return to the playoffs and seemingly have holes at nearly every position. However, center is not one of them, with Ryan Kalil playing consistently good football for them for the entirety of his rookie contract. Re-signing Kalil is the biggest no-brainer the Panthers have this year outside of drafting Andrew Luck if he decides to come out. Just don’t expect the team to use the franchise tag on him as offensive linemen are grouped together for the tag values, which means he’d be making the money of an offensive tackle.


DE: None


Let Jackson and Dorsey continue to develop into beasts. However, re-signing Shaun Smith and Wallace Gilberry are MUSTS!




Haloti Ngata (BAL) - The contract Ngata will get from the Ravens this year probably still won’t be large enough to accommodate him as the league’s best defensive linemen who has been playing several years for far below his actual value. His impact on the Ravens defense is immeasurable and he’s made great strides as a pass rusher over the years as well. Ngata is a truly dominant football player. If this guy gets to be a free agent, I’d pay him $10M + per year. Imagine our line of this young age? We would dominate for the next 10 years!


However, this is highly unlikely so here are some more realistic FA’s:


Aubrayo Franklin (SF) – Though not as terrific as last year, Franklin had another strong season as the nose tackle for the 49ers. He was late to report to the Niners after they slapped him with the franchise tag. Franklin will be looking for his long-term extension this season and if the organization doesn’t reward him again this year, he’ll won’t hesitate to look elsewhere, as long as they don’t place the franchise tag on him yet again.


OLB: RE-SIGN TAMBA ASAP!!!! And draft another OLB in the mid rounds (2-3) and let Studebaker develop a little bit more.




David Harris (NYJ) – Harris has flirted with becoming a great linebacker the last two seasons, but still hasn’t reached that level. Given his experience, I question whether he’ll ever get there, but his presence in the middle is still crucial to the success of the Jets defense. While he’s not great in coverage, he’s a great downhill linebacker that controls the pulse of the front 7. Without him, the Jets linebacking corps takes a big step back as does their run defense which very rarely allows 100 yard runners. Great ILB to pair with DJ.




Paul Posluszny (BUF) – Posluszny has difficulties playing the entire season, but when he’s healthy, he’s a very smart, instinctual linebacker in the middle of the defense. The Bills don’t have a particularly strong defensive line, which asks Posluszny to play through blockers a lot. The Bills have many holes in their run defense, but Posluszny isn’t one of them.




Brent Grimes (ATL) – Grimes had a fantastic season for an improved Falcons defense. Going into the final week, he’s one back of the leader in deflected passes. As an undrafted player, he’s worked his way and improved each season to become one of the league’s better corners now. With the secondary struggles in Atlanta over the past few years, they’ll show their appreciation for Grimes in the offseason. One of the best no-name corners in the league.


OR Johnathan Joseph (CIN) – The Bengals’ corners awakened in 2009 to help lead a good pass defense, but 2010 turned out to be a different story. Both Joseph and Hall regressed and the results in the Bengals secondary showed. Joseph is physical and aggressive and good in any scheme. If the Bengals do hit him with the franchise tag, Joseph has said he’ll sign it on the first day, though he’s holding out hope that the two sides can reach a deal before that point.


FS: None


SS: None


2011 KC Chiefs Depth Chart:


QB: Cassel, [Wallace or Moore, or Stanton,]  Croyle

HB: Charles, Jones, Battle

FB: Leach or McClain

WR: DBowe, Smith or Breston, McCluster, Curtis, Tucker

TE: Moeaki, Pope, O’Connell

OT: Albert, Clabo, Richardson

OG: Waters, Lilja, Asamoah

C: Kalil

DE: Dorsey, Jackson, Smith

NT: Ngata (Please G-d) or Franklin, Torbibo, or Draft Pick

OLB: Hali, Studbaker or draft pick, Vrabel

ILB: DJ, Harris or Posluszny, Williams, Belcher

CB: Flowers, Grimes, Carr, Arenas,

FS: McGraw, Lewis, or a Draft Pick

SS: Berry!


Now does this look like a playoff caliber team or what?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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