The Top 5 Most Key Chiefs of the 2010 Season

Week 17 of the NFL season is coming up and a year from today Chiefs fans were down and sad that the season is over, but today Chiefs fans are pumped for a longer season which means playoffs. For those playoffs to happen there must be some key and important players to help your team get there. This is a list of the most key and important Chiefs of the 2010 season that made an impact: in practice, in the locker room, and on the field.

5. Mike Vrabel 

As for playing  Mike Vrabel hasn't had his best year of his career he has not one sack this season and you can tell he is aging.  Vrabel's play isn't why he is on this list it his leadership qualities and teaching that has him on this list. Vrabel has been a coach on the field, if you watch he is constantly on players and telling them what to do during games. He has helped turn around the defense of this team from 30th overall last year to 11th overall this year. Without Mike Vrabel the defense could have been the "the same ole Chiefs" from last year. Vrabel has also had Andy Studebaker under his wing the past two seasons and Studebaker has turned in to a practice squad guy to a guy that will likely take Vrabel's place. 


4. Casey Wiegmann 

After the 2009 season Chiefs fans wanted a new center bad, because Rudy Niswanger just wasn't doing the job. Niswanger had snaps too high and too low and the Chiefs were looking for a new center. The Chiefs brought in none other than Casey Wiegmann a 37 year old veteran who was cut by the Broncos and notably played 7 seasons for the Chiefs. Wiegmann has not aged at all and it is remarkable he's undersized at 6'2 285, but his heart and determination is 6'6 315. Wiegmann is vital for Matt Cassel's success this season I have not seen one bad snap this season. He's an iron man and will go down as one of the Chiefs best offensive linemen ever.


3. Dwayne Bowe

Honestly after the 2009 season I thought Bowe was gone I thought he was going to be cut or traded for his performance and it seemed like Todd Haley hated his guts. Dwayne Bowe got special help this offseason from legends Chris Carter and Michael Irvin as well as Larry Fitzgerald. That help has shown Bowe is having arguably the best season by a Chiefs receiver ever. I don't really recall any big drop passes since the Indianapolis game and I guess you can say the Oakland game. Since those games Bowe has been the best receiver in the NFL his 15 TD receptions speak for themselves. Bowe has established a relationship with Matt Cassel that has become the best receiver and quarterback duo of the 2010 season. 


2. Thomas Jones

During the offseason when the Jets cut Thomas Jones I thought: if the Chiefs got this guy that would be so cool, well the Chiefs ended up getting this guy and the outcome has been more than I ever thought it would be. Jones is a great player don't get me wrong he and Jamaal Charles are the best one two running back punch in the NFL, but Jones's leadership is why he is key. Thomas Jones is the vocal leader of this young Chiefs team and his pre game speeches are send chills down your spine. Thomas Jones had tears streaming down his eyes when he was giving his pre game speech to the Jets in the AFC Championship game last year that tells you how much of a leader he is.


1. Matt Cassel

I tip my hat to Matt Cassel he has earned my respect this season he has completely turned around his play and helped turn the Chiefs around. Cassel is having one of the best seasons by a Chiefs quarterback ever and has established himself as a legit NFL player. We saw how important he was when he was out week 14 against the Chargers it showed how important he was the Chiefs got blasted that game. 11 days after Cassel got his appendix removed he was back as the Chiefs starter his numbers weren't great that game, but he had one of the most memorable games ever by a Chiefs player. The St. Louis game showed how important he is to this Chiefs team and if the Chiefs didn't have him they might as well be 4-12. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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