Need a place to catch the Chiefs game? (updated)

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Whew, I was going to put this up last night but after a huge Rosh Hashanah (Happy New Year by the way from the wife) dinner and a few glasses of wine it was time for this Chiefs fan to hit the hay! Let me tell you if you have never had authentic Jewish food you are missing out, this backwoods Missouri boy has put on a few pounds since he put on that ring!

Anyways here is the list of establishments that Chiefs fans from across the nation have gave up to me in previous posts. Ive compiled this list mostly this summer so if anyone has a new spot, or know of some place where Chiefs fans gather on Sundays let me know and I'll add it to the list. Even for those like me that feel like they are on a Chiefs isolated island if your ever on the road or visiting family in one of these areas, hopefully this list will get you surrounded by a few other fans to catch the game!

I know alot of chain restaurants like Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings show the games on Sundays. Some of these people can actually franchise or adopt certain locations as the official headquarters of their team, like the Hooters in Oceanside, CA is the "Eagles Headquaters". When I was stationed out there that is where I had to catch the games and they always had a huge following of Eagle fans that showed up on Sundays and hung up banners and such. Im very interested to know if there is a Chiefs place out there like this? After the jump is the ever changing list.

1. "The Golden Q" Hays, KS   Golden Q

2. "The Fox & Hound" Metairie/NOLA area  Fox & Hound English Pub

3. "Big Charlies Saloon"  in Philly (only a facebook page)

4. "Kansas City Barbeque" in San Diego, CA  Kansas City BBQ San Diego

5. "The Village Pour House" in NY, NY  Village Pour House

6. "Stan's B-B-Q" in Issaquah, WA  Stan's BBQ

7. "Sidelines Sports Bar and Grille" Albuquerque, NM  Sidelines

8. "Cheers Sports Bar" Jacksonville, FL  Cheers

9. "Classics Sports Bar" Springfield, MO Classics Sports Bar

10. "Rudino's Sports Deck" Cary, NC Chiefs fan club NC

11. "Time Out Ale House" Federal Way, WA (area)  Time Out Ale House

12. "Wizards Sports Cafe" Dallas, TX. Home of the Chiefs fans of Dallas

13. "Time Out Sports Bar" Branson, MO. Time Out

14. "Wildwood Grille" Southlake, TX.  Wildwood Grille

15. "Stool Pigeons" Charlotte, NC.  Stool Pigeons  (has to be the best bar name so far)

16. "The Ballard Loft" Seattle, WA.  The Ballard Loft

17. "Blue Diamond Saloon" Las Vegas, NV.  Blue Diamond Saloon

18. "Casey Jones' Grill" Phoenix, AZ.   Casey Jones Grill


This pic here is from the crew of the Chiefs fans of Dallas. If I am ever around Dallas before I move this year for any reason you can bet I will stop in here on gameday. The link above has lots of good pics and shows you that Chiefs fans even far from home carry on the Arrowhead and Chiefs gameday experiance!



Once again I will send a shout out to anyone in the Lawton Oklahoma area. I have seen a few of you out there with license plate holders and stickers, actually talked to a few of you and told you about Arrowhead Pride, so come on here and leave a comment and we can try to get together somewhere to root on the Chiefs. I know your out there and there is really only two places in Lawton we could try to get together other than my Chiefs house so if your out there let me know.

If anyone on here heads out to these places on Monday and has a story to tell hit me and I will include it in further posts. I should be moving to New York City sometime during the season but I will get back on here as much as I can and update these lists. Hopefully everyone has a good time and we can add a few more places to the list and revive Chiefs Nation!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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