For Fantasy Football Fans by a Chiefs Fan

This year is marks the first year that I will be participating in some fantasy football, the same goes for this post. Being the football fans I know you all are, you are all probably aware of what fantasy football is and understand the gist of how it works, so I will spare you all from a long explanation of my league's rules and dig right into the meat and potatoes of this post. 

All of the fantasy "experts" over at ESPN preach their way or the highway when it comes to league drafts. I have a new wrench too throw into their gears. 

My theory you ask. YOU CAN DRAFT PLAYERS FROM YOUR FAVORITE TEAM (cough cough CHIEFS cough) and still field a winning team. 

Hear me out. The player I coveted most was, of course, Jamal Charles. Even though he had his breakout half season last year, he was still flying just below most people's draft radar, I figured I could pick him up in the second round and spend my first pick on a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers (sorry, Cassel still has more to prove to me). The first part of my master plan worked to perfection. 

Next inline were my starting wide receivers.  I picked up Roddy White of the Falcons, you can mark him down for 1,200 yards and at least 7 - 8 touchdowns. By this point I had nearly secured my starters, but I play in a league where you get to starting running backs. This is where my brand of value shopping really came into fruition. After the third round most quality backs were taken, so I went with the young up and coming stud in LeSean McCoy, aka Brian Westbrook 2.0. Sure he won't get a lot of rushing yards, but playing in an Andy Reid offense means he will get lot of all purpose yards and don't forget, he's got game breaker written all over him.

Next was Dwayne Bowe, my other starting wideout. Based on what I'm hearing out of training camp, this guy is ready to game, so long as The Bowe Show stays in the closet. By this point in the draft there had already been a run on receivers, but I held onto my hand expecting more from these two receivers because they both play for up and coming teams with huge potential on offense.

To round my starting offense I went with a sentimental pick but, with great value this late into the draft, with Tony Gonzalez. So what if he's no longer a chief. You don't think he intends on being enshrined into Canton as one? Besides, he was the number five starting fantasy TE last year. Yeah, I did some homework for this. 

After the starting offense was secured, my picks were rather lackluster, at least for what the point of this write-up is for. So I'll name a few highlights and get back into what made this draft all about my chiefs!

Starting Defense

Linebacker David Harris (put up huge fantasy numbers last year in the Jets' vaunted defense)

Defensive end Mario Williams (Nuff' said)

Safety Antell Rolle (I don't like his coverage, but he dose get plenty of points in fantasy leagues)

Special Teams

Realizing that most people outside of our Chiefs Nation don't care and don't know how many good players we really have on our team I was able of put off drafting my special teams kicker and punter until later because I had a plan. This strategy allowed me to secure very good to great starters on offense and defense and not get sucked into the run on kickers that happened early, essentially giving me both quality and value with my picks because I knew my Chiefs would still be sitting there after everyone else made runs at the "best player" at the various position groups. If you have not guessed it yet, I got Succop and Colquitt. The NFL is finally coming around to what Colquitt routinely dose, but Succop was my dark horse candidate (no one knows him yet, but they will).

The Back Ups

This may be where my plan makes or breaks my season and further drills home the point that I love my Chiefs! I got Run DMC (McCluster) as my backup wide receiver. Hold your breath, I already know he's not going to put up huge receiving stats, but that's why he has dubbed himself an "offensive weapon". He runs, receives, fields kicks and punts, makes plays and BUSTS SHOES. Ah, the strategy is working. 

The backup of any "chief" concern was Javier Arenas for defensive back. "WHAT!? NO ERIC BERRY, a perfectly viable option at DB this late in the draft!", your probably screaming. Here me out, as great as Berry will be, Arenas has a dagger up his sleeve. I believe with the Chiefs aggressive new secondary I can at least mark Arenas down for 2 - 3 picks this year and in the ballpark of 35 - 40 tackles. It gets interesting though when you factor in his return abilities. The man has simply torn it up in the preseason and I expect much the same in the regular season, especially when they open up the playbook a little more. 

My Conclusion

I know your not suppose to draft based upon your favorite team but, if you are like me and you bleed red and gold there is simply no other choice. So if your going to draft based upon the NFL team that makes you ooze odd colors on game days, follow my plan of execution. Identify which players on your team our legit to get you some fantasy points as starters. If your team is expected to play poorly by the "pundits" you can get great value by picking them up in later rounds and drafting the players expected to put up monster numbers before them. The bench is where you can really make your steals. Nobody in my league knew of Javier Arenas and they barely heard of McCluster but, as I pointed out, these guys have legitimate shots at being gamers. 

ESPN, can I have a job?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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