Commitment - A Newb's Story

Hello everyone at AP. For a story of true love, adventure, satire, wit and drama all Chiefs-related read on after the jump.

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After such a good introduction who could resist?

Hey guys I’ve been following Arrowhead Pride for a while now but have never before decided to write a post (now just how many times have you guys heard that before…)


I was originally going to post this right now, but the ridiculously complex FanPost system has me so confused. I just do not understand why there is a word limit? Isn’t the name "FanEssay or FanThesis" more appropriate? It is a concept that is totally beyond me. I mean where does a good-natured, Chiefs-loving man go to post one-line comments like "Bring back Brodie!" or "Jamaal Charles shuld be getting like, 110% of the carries dude"? I hear Aiken_Drum whispering "Fanshot you damn Aussie. Post em in the damn Fanshot." Alas Aiken, some Newbs like me will just never grasp it…


So to business. Having almost drowned under the amount of blogs posted about Reshard Langford and Terrance Copper, I have one question: Why is no-one commenting on the carry split between Thomas Jones and Jamaarl Charles? Talk about the invisible elephant in the room! I feel like I am the only one who feels like this is an important issue! Time to step up Bewsaf and KCPorkChop! And what about Matt Cassel! Why did no-one start FanPosting (I got it right this time yeah?) about the time when he threw 2 Ints – I mean this is a potential disaster that people are ignoring! Do I need to recruit Al Gore to open your eyes? We have to focus on the important issues guys – if I have to read one more post about Thomas Gafford I think we might both (long) snap.


Now as a bonafide, fresh-faced, still-dressed-by-his-mother Newb, I have some serious questions for you AP-ers. The fact that I live on a continent many volumes of seawater away hurts the exposure I get to the greatest team in the world (that’s the Chiefs, just so you know). The fact I was only born a few years before the millennium also dampens my chances of being around for the many years of storied Chiefs history. What I want to know is guys:

1.       The kicker who must not be named? He missed 3 FGs against the Colts right? For those who watched, was it as crushing as I’ve heard?


2.       What was the QB controversy involving Elvis Grbac? Was it a big deal?


3.       MartyBall. Run, run, pass, right? Good to watch or boring as hell?


4.       For those whose age earns them my respect, what was it like for the Chiefs to win their SB in 1970?


5.       Finally I would like to know this from you guys (and gals). Throughout my stance as a Chiefs fan(atic), I have done some desperate stuff to watch them play. Last year I couldn’t afford live streaming, so I got up at 3am every Monday morning to watch them play on a drive chart (you know, where a touchdown is represented by a long red line). That is my pledge to the Chiefs. For those out there who have stuck through thick and thin, share with me your own personal commitment you have made to the Chiefs. As a brief change of pace from recent posts, tell us about a time when you made a serious commitment to the Chiefs franchise. I would love to know.



And what the hell is Koolaid…?


Chiefs Will    (sadly never come to Australia)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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