Why the Chiefs are really 3-0.

Ok so here goes. My first blog on the site....I figure it seems everyone now has their very own blog so why not.

What could be better than some stats as to why our beloved Chiefs are 3-0. We talk about the great running game we've got and the stiffling D we've seen the first 3 games of the season, but have we really focused on why we are winning....I think not my friends. So lets dive into some stats shall we. 

Special teams are supposed to be special, and its hard to find a more special unit than ours. Try this on for size, (and before you get excited I'm not talking just Arenas or McCluster here.)

Our punt retern average is 4thin the league averaging 15.4 yards a return. We've seen it in every game so far. No more starting behind the 20 on punts for us. Good Field position=huge opportunities on the offensive side.

Now the next stat will sound bad, but argue it isn't. Just hear me out. We are 28thin the league in Kick returns with a 19.1 ave. Buuuut, our opponets have only kicked off to us 8 times which is the 26thfewest in the league....It think it has something to do with our 2nd fewest points givin up in the NFL(more on that later) so if an opponent don't score....they don't kick off....hmmmm.

What about kick coverage you say....well we are 2nd in the NFL with 14.7 yards allowed...bad field position for our opponents anyone? And alas we are dead last in net kick off yards, however I'm going to argue that this isn't bad either. Why you ask? well I'm glad you did. Remember the Cleveland game where we didn't kick the ball deep at all because of that one guy that killed us last year. (I know his name I just can't say it without an expletive or five)

Punts...we are 23rd with a 40.5 yrd ave. but before you start wondering what happened to Colquit please remember that he's second in the NFL with 8 punts downed in the 20.

Now for the offense. I'm not hatin' just statin' the facts maam. We have the 12th ranked offense 28th pass numero onoin the run game. With Cassel's game last week, I think we can all agree he's gotten a stay of execution, however he does need to continue to improve and get great plays like the one Moeaki made to do so.

We are 24th in the league in 3rd down conversions...That needs to change desperately. But we don't shoot ourselves in the foot either, we are 5th in the league in fewest penalties.

Defense.....What can be said here. The only stat you need to know is we are awsome. We only give up 12.7 pts per game. Thats good for 2nd in the league. Our run defense is 6th in the league averaging 75 yards surrendered a game. Pass defense is 20thin the league with 238 yards a game, and we are 6thin the league with 8 sacks.

What I'm gleaming out of these is one thing....we are on the right track. Defiantly greatly improved over last year, but we still have lots of room to grow. But special teams has been the key so far. Good field position for us, bad field position for them, and our offense and defense has cleaned up the rest.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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