Krayfish's First Kool-Aid Post..Porkchop If You Would Please..

Ahhhh, the Krayfish is calm and happy right now. The Chiefs are 3 and 0. Matt Cassel looks like he might have found his stride, and I am going to tell you why we are going to beat the Colts in their home. Really. We are going to beat the Colts. But before I tell you exactly why we are going to beat the Colts, I am going to give you some food for thought that should only add to your optimism going into the Colts game in two weeks.

Lets get the obvious reasons out of the way before I nail it down for you my fellow Chiefs fans.

In 2003, the Patriots set an NFL record on defense allowing only 14.9 pts per game and oh yah, they also had 29 interceptions to back that up. Over a three year span, the Jets defense never allowed more than 20 points in ANY game EVER. The common denominator here? Romeo Crennel. Oh but this is still not the reason we WILL beat the Colts. The best is yet to come. 

Yes of course we all know that Charlie Weis is known for his ability to make any QB great. We already know he helped create one of the most prolific, consistent winning offenses ever over in New England. But this is still not why we are going to beat the Colts. So why do I believe so much that we ARE going to beat the Colts??

We have this defensive Coach on our team by the name of.....come on help me out here....someone hit the buzzer....UPS "Kray would that be Romeo Crennel"? Yes Ups. It would. But why is that important? Well hang on we will get there I promise, but first:

We have this offensive Coordinator on our team by the name of....buzzer please..hurry now....rwalke..."Kray would that be Charlie Weis"? Correct again. You guys are good at this game. 

jrcnc - "But Kray, you already told us all this and I don't see where your going here". Ahhh correct again. But jrcnc if you will hang with me for another moment, we are so close now, don't be impatient.

Okay next question - Who team did both guys coach for while racking up a display case full of Superbowl rings? Tick tock tick tock  - BigRedChief go ahead please. "New England Kray, but we know this and we know they were good there too, please don't tell us your whole point was just that these guys have had success in NE and we are lucky to have them here in KC, we already know this". 

Your exactly right BRC. But wait for it. Here it comes. 

Both of these coaches were in New England during the 2001 through the 2004 seasons. Why is this so significant? Why is this the key to why we will beat the Colts in two weeks you ask. 

It is significant because in 2003 these guys coached the New England Patriots to a win in the playoffs against the......buzzer please....SteveChiefs.."The Colts Kray, was it the Colts"?????! DING DING DING...Correct Steve. It was the Colts, who got whipped 24-14. But wait..

In the 2004 playoffs, the New England Patriots annihilated the "blank" 20-3?? ChiefDJ...."The Colts??"?? Correct again everybody. In fact, the New England Patriots owned the Colts throughout the entire time that Weis and Crennel were coaching against them. 


Weis and Crennel and have had more success in beating the piss out of the Colts than any other coaching tandem in the Peyton era. They KNOW how the Colts think. They KNOW how to beat the Colts specifically more than any other team. There is NO other coaching tandem that we would want leading our troops into battle against the Colts than Weis and Crennel. You bet your ass they have a game plan that they already know will work. They don't have to wonder how to beat the Colts, they KNOW how to do that already.

This couldn't play out any better. 3 and 0 with a bye week to get ready for probably our toughest opponent of the season and the two field generals leading the way,  that have consistently dismantled the Colts over the years. 

This is just too perfect a story for us to lose. This is bigger than Romeo's reunion with the Browns on many levels. This is his arch nemesis in Indy. This is the team that has always been their greatest triumph to defeat. 

We have NO reason to doubt our team any longer. Forget the past and let by gone's be by gone' s. We are one of three undefeated teams in the NFL right now. THREE!! Do you feel me here??? Are you feeling the chills of DMC pounding his chest after the Superman dive into the end zone last Sunday? Are you feeling the chills of Tony Moeaki leaping tall buildings in a single bound?? Are you feeling the chills of a team that is no longer the doormat of the NFL and believes they are for real? Can you feel it NOW??!!! 

Are we going to beat the Colts?? Your DAMN RIGHT WE ARE. I am so pumped right now that I can't stop the chills racing up and down my back. So Porkchop, if you would please...pass out that Kool-aid brother, because right now I'm ready to drown in it. GO CHHHHHHHHHIIIIEEEEFFFSSS!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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