Exactly why we will beat the Indianapolis Colts

Taking a look into the number there is a common theme to beating the Indianapolis Colts, and after the jump I will bring light on how our Kansas City Chiefs will accomplish the task of beating one of the premeir teams in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts.

Currently the Indianapolis Colts are 2 - 1 beating the Denver Broncos and the New York Giants.  Their only loss is to the Houston Texans.  Here are the numbers:

Indy @ Houston (Colts Lose 34-24):

Peyton Manning 40/57 433-yards passing and 3 touchdowns; J. Addai 10-carries for 44-yards (4.4 Avg); A. Collie 10-receptions for 131 yards (13.1 Avg.); Reggie Wayne 7-receptions for 99-yards (14.1 Avg). 

M. Schaub 9/17 (52% Completion Percentage) 109-yards passing and 1 touchdown; A. Foster 33-carries for 231-yards (7 yard Avg).

New York Giants vs. Indy (Colts Win 38-14):

Peyton Manning 20/26 255-yards passing and 3 touchdowns; J. Addai 20-carries for 92-yards (4.6 Avg)..

Eli Manning  13/24 (54% Completion Percentage) 161-yards passing and 2 touchdown; A. Bradshaw 17-carries for 89-yards (5.2 yard Avg); D. Ware 2-carries 15-yards (7.5 yard Avg).

Indy @ Denver Broncos (Colts Win 27-13):

Peyton Manning 27/43 325-yards passing and 3 touchdowns; J. Addai 13-carries for 29-yards (2.2 Avg); A. Collie 12-receptions for 171 yards (14.3 Avg)

Kyle Orton 37/57 (65% Completion Percentage) 476-yards passing and 1 touchdown; L. Maroney 12-carries for 24-yards (2 yard Avg); C. Buckhalter 4-carries 12-yards (3 yard Avg).

Indianapolis Colts Summary:

Peyton Manning is 87/126 (69% Completion Percentage) an average of 29/42 338-yards/game and 3-touchdowns per game.  Reggie Wayne's numbers are low against quality CBs, but Peyton uses A. Collie against rookie CBs for huge production.  Joseph Addai 55-yards a game rushing (3-yard average per carry)...

The Colts' defense allows an average of 248-yards passing and 125-yards rushing.


Now, Kansas City Chiefs have 2-weeks to prepare for Peyton Manning and this gigantic game and the Indianapolis Colts only have 3 very different games of film to study.  With a win in Indianapolis, our Kansas City Chiefs can send shock waves throughout the NFL.  Here is exactly why we will beat the Indianapolis Colts:

10)  Our coaching staff will game plan for 2-weeks to upset Peyton's offense. 

9)  Our Corner Backs are not rookies, however  we do have rookies in our secondary (especially in the Nickel), but they proved they learned from their mistakes in the first to games.

8)   Our rush defense and our defensive front seven have proved they are a reliable unit of our team.  Joseph Addai isn't Frank Gore and he is averaging only 55-yards a game as the leading rushing attack for Indy.  We will shut down the Colts' running game and Peyton will have to throw.  Does this make you nervous?

7)  Peyton Manning is YET to throw an interception in the 2010 campaign.  Eric Berry is YET to get an interception in the 2010 campaign, but flies all over the field.  Brandon Flowers has 2-INTs so far this year and will most likely be one-on-one with Reggie Wayne.  The Chiefs will get atleast one interception.  Sure this is a projection, but again the Colts have very little to study.

6)  The Colts give up a 20.8-yard average on kickoffs and a 14.1-yard average on punts.  Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas will shine and they will be faster than ever in the dome.

5)  The Colts have allowed 85-rushing carries for 424-yards (Average of 5.0 yards/carry) and Jamaal Charles average is 7.2-yards/carry and Thomas Jones averages over 4-yards a carry.  Charles and Jones had over 90-yards each against the 49ers who have a better rushing defense than the Indianapolis Colts.  Jamaal Charles is faster and more explosive than A. Foster (Texans' RB) who had over 230-yards rushing against the Colts. 

4)  We will control the clock with our rushing attack which will reduce the number of opportunities the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning have on the field.

3)  The Colts have allowed 3-sacks thus far this season.  The Chiefs have allowed only 2-sacks.  The Chiefs have 7-sacks and the Colts have 7-sacks (R. Mathis has 4-sacks).  Matt Cassell has been more effective in dumping the ball instead of taking a sack and our offensive line looked great against the 49ers who were thought to be yound and fast.

2)  We have more to prove.  We will be rested and ready.  The Colts will be coming off a game against the Jags.  This is where and how we will earn our respect.  We are gaining confidence and we will be up for the challenge. 

1)  The Broncos could have beaten the Colts if they had a rushing attack.  We have a rushing attack!  Jamaal Charles will have a huge game (110-yards+ on 16-carries or less).  Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles will each have a rushing touchdown. 

I expect this game to be close with our defense and special teams (including Succop) winning this game for us.  The Colts won't have a running game established.  The Chiefs will play with their hair on fire and we will pressure Manning every snap.  This will be a great test for our secondary defense, and I think a test they will pass in great fashion.  Look for the Colts to try alittle trickery to offset their lack of a running game.



Colts 27, Chiefs 31

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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