How And Why The Kansas City Chiefs Will Beat The Indianapolis Colts


I can hear it already.  I can hear all of you that are collectively saying "Aiken just doesn't get it".  "I mean, ok," you would opine, "he predicted that we would beat the Chargers on MNF and he was right, but that was just because it was a big game and Arrowhead was rocking and it rained and the Chargers fell down and we got lucky, so Aiken was right.  Big deal.  Then he predicted a road win against a hapless Cleveland team and yeah, he got that one right as well.  Once again the Chiefs lucked out and held on to a win by 2 points.  Ultimate Chiefs Homer Aiken_Drum gets lucky and goes 2-0". 

About this time is when a few of you started to feel me on the CHIEFS WILL thing but most were like, "Then we go up against the 49ers and SURPRISE, Aiken is still on the train stoking the fire.  Yeah I have to admit that the Chiefs played better than I ever thought they would and the 49er win was great, but now it's reality time.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves, because we could lose.  Come on, beat the Colts?  I love your enthusiasm Aiken, but it's time to STOP THE MADNESS".  COULD lose, says I?  I guess getting you from iron-clad, gauranteed, will lose to could lose can be considered progress. 


I have a few reasons for my belief that the Chiefs will beat the Colts.  Follow along if you will, and see just how crazy I am (or if you prefer, how crazy I am not).  Madness is a funny thing.  Sometimes I feel a little like Stanley.  Stanley is one of the most respected football prognosticators to ever have graced the planet.  Stanley knew things that others didn't and had faith in them in the face of adversity.  You don't know Stanley?  Some of you do and some don't but here is a sample of his work. 



NIKE Super Bowl Commercial 1995 (via MLoudin)


Stanley notwithstanding, I understand your point of view of how wrong I could be.  Right now, a lot of Chiefs fans are waking up to the fact that a few of us have known for some time, namely that the 2010 Chiefs are a dangerous football team.  It's like being in the Twilight Zone.  Remember the part of the introduction where the host says, "There's your signpost up ahead"?  The signpost telling us that the Chiefs are improving has been there for some time.  These first three games of the season have focused more light on it andcleared away a bit of the fog surrounding it.  Now, not only Chiefs fans are seeing it, but pundits, progosticators and peers are all taking note.  The sign simply says "CHIEFS WILL".  

My reasoning for a Chiefs victory over the Colts is next.

Arian Foster ESPN Week 1 Interview (via MShell6692)

The Texans defeated the Colts in week one of this season by utilizing the services of a little known (outside of fantasy football circles anyway) running back by the name of Arian Foster.  This game has exposed the Colts defense for what it is, absolutely horrible against the run.  They are currently tied at 28th in the leaguevs. the run.  They have given up 424 yards in three weeks for an average of 141 per game.  If you want a little perspective on that, you need look no further than the 49ers.  Even after the schelacking that we gave them last week, their defense held onto 15th place giving up 334 yards in those three games (192 of those yards belong to the Chiefs--nearly 2/3 of the total against a pretty decent defense).  That is 90 yards less than what the Colts have given up in the same 3 game span, which includes what Mr. Foster was able to force feed them.  The news here that I have beaten around the bush to build up to, is that a team that has a running game like the Chiefs have, is exactly what the Colts don't want to face.  I give you the Texans and Arian Foster as example.


Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts WK1 2010 (via CarterPoindexter)

In addition to being weak against the run, the Colts are not so hot against the pass either.  The Colts are currently 20th against the pass having given up 707 yds in the air in the first three weeks of the season.  That's and average of 235 yds per game.  They are currently tied for 25th (with the Rams--THE FREAKIN RAMS PEOPLE) in the league in total yards given up.  This defense will give up yards on the ground and in the air.  The reason that they have been successful so far is that they are winning the turnover battles.  This is an oportunistic defense.  They already have 3 interceptions, 7 sacks, 3 defensive fumble recoveries and 4 forced fumbles in their first three games.  Add that to Peyton Manning as your QB and it has been enough to win 2 of their first three.

Why do the Chiefs win?  I believe that the Chiefs running game is strong enough to stand on it's own vs. any opponent, especially one that has already demonstrated the fact that they can't stop Betty White from running up the gut.  I think that the Colts will dare Cassle to throw the ball by stacking the box against our run.  Arian Foster was a pretty good indicator that even when the colts do that, they can't stop lightning in a bottle (AKA Jamal Charles).

Even if they do slow down our run a bit, the other side of the offense made a statement last Sunday.  Why do you think that we ran the flea-flicker when we were ahead by 2 TDs?  We had not done anything remotely similar to that in the first two games and they were certainly closer matches than the 49ers were at that point.  Why did we do it?  Weis is a genius, that's why.  He was telling the Colts, "Go ahead and stack the box.  This is what you will get".  The Colts will have to respect our passing game enough that it will make us a really dangerous team.

If the Chiefs go out and protect Haley's football, put together a solid game plan (what else could Weis do?), and take care of business on Defense (TJack and O'Cal will be back) we will shock the NFL in two weeks.  I apologize for saying this, but Peyton is just enough arrogant to be looking past a grubby little team like the Chiefs.  Tamba, Ron Edwards and Maybe the Sackmaster (Shaun Smith--sorry but it was worth your grin) will leave him with an impression--right in the middle of his facemask.

Peyton Manning has been a thorn in the Chiefs side for long enough.  Don't you think that with the extra time to study before this game that there will be a meeting in the film room to watch this?


Chiefs vs Colts 2004 Playoffs (via geepez)

And then, when the Chiefs are considering how to avenge their distant brothers from that playoff loss, I'd show'em something a bit more recent like this from before the 23-8 drubbing of an '07 playoff embarassment that was the beginning of the end for a guy whose mantra was, "You play to win the game".  


Wildcard Preview Chiefs vs Colts (via CBS)

Wow!  Change a few players names and this sounds almost like a game plan for this upcoming game, right?  WRONG!!!!  The difference?  Scott Pioli, Todd Haley, Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis.

I have seen no one talking about this so get ready to become excited.  The Duo of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel as Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator of the New England Patriots met up against Peyton and his Colts exactly six times between September 30, 2001 and January 16, 2005.  Guess what?  In six meetings, these guys defeated the Colts every, single, solitary, time they stepped on the field.

Romeo and Charlie KNOW Peyton.  And so far, when they were on the same team, in the positions that they currently hold, they have never lost to him.  How powerful a message is that to telegraph to these Chiefs?  Do you think that will give them a bit of confidence?  Hoooooboy. 

Two of those six games were playoff games.  Don't you think Peyton was giving it his best?  In those two games, the Pats beat the Colts by an average of 13.5 pts per game.  Check this out from NFL wire after Romeo and Charlie's final playoff victory (enroute to their final Super Bowl win I might add) against MVP Manning in 2005:


For the second year in a row, the Pats made the league's MVP look ordinary and his Indianapolis teammates inept, this time beating them 20-3 behind Corey Dillon's 144 yards rushing.

"It was just the best game plan that we've had since I've been here," Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said.

The conditions were just right for the Patriots' strategy: run the ball, throw short passes and watch the clock tick down, putting together their three most time-consuming drives of the season.

"I don't have a clue," said Edgerrin James, held to 39 yards rushing by the Patriots. "I really don't know what happened out there. I was just trying to do what I can do."

Dillon keyed a ball-control offense that kept Manning on the sideline, while Brady threw for one touchdown, ran for another and completed 18 passes in 27 attempts for 144 yards.

"I'm not even recognizing my last seven seasons right now," said Dillon, who spent them with Cincinnati. "It's all about this year."

New England (15-2) led 6-0 on Adam Vinatieri's field goals of 24 and 31 yards in the second quarter with the first one capping a 16-play, 78-yard march that lasted 9 minutes, 7 seconds.

When Brady threw a 5-yard scoring pass to David Givens to cap a third-quarter drive that lasted 8:16, Manning had to make his remaining possessions count against the hard-hitting defense.

He didn't -- and Brady followed with a 94-yard drive that ended with his 1-yard touchdown run.

The Patriots proved once again they could win without their best defenders. Pro Bowl defensive lineman Richard Seymourwas sidelined with a knee injury, and starting cornerbacks Ty Law and Tyrone Pooleare on injured reserve. But the Patriots' defense still stifled the fifth-highest scoring team in NFL history.


Didja see that last quote?  I stuck that in there lest some of you more inventive types decided to say something like, "Well sure the Patriots defense was able to stifle the Colts, BUT WE AIN'T THE PATRIOTS!".  No, we ain't.  But then again, neither were they on that day.  Guess who wasn't out with injury?  Yep, Romeo and Charlie.  They were there, just like they had been for the last 3 years, game planning, strategizing and BEATING Peyton Manning.

I don't know about you Chiefs fans but I have to confess that I am goddamn tired of seeing those frikin' blue and white unifoms beat us on game day.  This is not just another game for me, it's payback time.  Time to yank Manning's spine throught the holes in his face mask and...sorry, I digress. 

This game has been on my radar since the day I found out that Romeo and Charlie were donning red and gold.  I submit to you now Chiefs fans, that it has been on Scott Pioli's as well.  This is why we drafted, Eric Berry, Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas.  This game, in this season, shaped Pioli's draft.  He watched the Patriots get win after win after beautiful win against the great Peyton Manning, and he remembered.  This win will solidify just how effective the Pioli, Weis, Crennel triumvirate has been.  You already know that I think Parcells, Belechick and Haley are all interchangeable anyway.

Hell, this win (if we can get it) has been on my mind since the loss in '95 when the kicker who shall not be named screwed the pooch and that wasn't even Peyton, that was Harbaugh.  Losses like that never heal, but stealing a win from Mr. Football himself, manufactured by the two guys that know how to do it gives me an overwhelming sense of gratification.  Manning knowing that he can't defeat these two coaching ledgends, even when they are just taking over an upstart, lousy team like the Chiefs (his perspective not mine) comes very close to balancing the scales of justice and well, just makes me happy.  Satisfys like a good Cigar and a Godfather (Scotch and Amarreto on the rocks).  Poor Peyton.

Come on Chiefs fans, join me in anticipation of blowing a hole through the front door of the collective Anti Chiefs consciousness out there by beating the bloody Colts (or the Colts bloody--either one works for me).  Really.  It will keep me from having to do"bad things man, bad things".  


Bruce Smith Bad Things (via slaphappy06)


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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