Having admired several NFL organizations over the years and being a longtime media watcher (journalism major) leads me to the following conclusions regarding the Clark/Scott/Todd approach. I also played HS Football in Mississippi and know the "baseline"  difference of the mental and physical make up of players from that region and the SEC.

First - NO MEDIA FLUFF.  Scott/Todd have experienced first hand - two of the most successful era's in NFL history. Their intimate knowledge of the construction of the Steeler's and Patriots (and the Parcell influence is also VERY evident) is showing. These era's are 2 of the 4 most impressive ever (others, Packers and 49's).

Their bland - all business - no PR BS approach is entirely similar to the leaders in other classic eras. No fluff for the media permeates the atmosphere and is critical. Lombard, Noll, Walsh, Billecheck, Parcell's....none ever showed much respect for the media. The players see this and know that their leader is a for real (in their uncompromising determination) in ALL of their relationships and such better be taken seriously. This is quite different than the series of Chiefs coaches who seem to have wanted to impress the media with glib personalities. Folksy, clever personalities become known to the players and shows weakness. How many of these type of coaches have had long, successful careers?

Players begin to think that "this guy really isn't the guy we fear and respect.....he really is a nice guy - let's work him our way - the media has!" Conscious or sub-conscious, these young guys with huge paychecks only respect the no BS way NOT the Gunther, Dick and Herm PR type effort.

Second -  STRONG SEC EMPHASIS. Few SEC players didn't originate in the South where Football is cultural. At birth - literally every boy is viewed as a potential Football player. Most fathers admire the sport more than anything. A player who has survived youth ball and enters HS advances to a lifestyle unparalleled in other geographic areas. Southern HS's practice hard in the Spring. Therefore there's no spring dilution for Baseball and few FB guys play Basketball (no time for summer ball with FB camps every week). 3 sport situations like the Starling kid (Gardner Edgerton QB) are very ,very rare. Football is Life in the South. Incidentally, there are a lot of Texas guys on the Chiefs roster as well. Very similar.

This also plays to the SEC weather and competitive factor. A player who practices in the Spring and in August in "Southern" heat most of his life is better condition mental and physically. Case in point: Glenn Dorsey. He sniffed out that the Herm regime might except less commitment to fitness and he slacked. He admits it as much. Now that he's back in shape he's a load...the same kind of shape he was in to star in the heat at LSU. NOTE: if you're not in shape and motivated you have no chance to rise to the top in the south - or it appears for Todd Haley.

More on "Southern" heat. It's damn challenging but it separates the player who dominates in September. The Chiefs have long been terrible going into Florida and South early in the season. In fact, they've never played well in Florida anytime really. Moving camp back into the heat isn't hard on SEC guys's all they've ever known, A little mentioned fact associated with the Defenses improvement is how much better conditioned they appear to be. Condition breeds aggression in Football, again think Dorsey who now thanks Haley publicly for his program and mentions positively "how hard we work in practice" in every interview. Could this have been a factor with Derrick Johnson as well?

Thanks Clark for seeing it in these guys approach. It's for real.  Congratulations on the beginning of your era,. your dad would be very proud.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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