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Hey guys,


Been a while since I've thrown up a fanpost and I'm slightly bored watching this MNF game with a buncha packer fans, so I thought I'd throw one up. In this post we're gonna take a look at what a few of our players stats are going to look like if they continue their play through the rest of the season. I'm obviously not going to do everyone, just a few of our "star" players. Let's take a look after the jump.

We're first gonna start with offense.


 The captain of the offense, the field general, the guy that's going to hold the Lombardi if we win the superbowl, or who's going to get his walking papers if we don't: Matt Cassel. Through all 16 games, here are Cassel's stats:



21 TDs

16 INTs

2,624 yards

 So lets go through this together. At this rate, Matt Cassel is going to pass for 21 TDs, 16 INTs and 2,600 yards. So five more touchdowns, same amount of picks, and about 300 less yards. I'm not exactly sure what we should expect out of Cassel. I would obviously like his TD:INT ratio to be better, but I don't know what the coaching staff expects of Cassel. I don't think he's ever going to be a 30 TD, 10 INT, 4000 yard guy, but that's just my personal opinion.

Next up we're gonna take a look at our great runningback tandem, Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles. Jamaalcharles10_medium



Jamaal Charles:

176 carries

1,232 yards

5 TDs

Thomas Jones:



272 carries

1,142 yards

5 TDs


448 carries

2,374 yards

10 TDs

One of the hot topics around here lately has been the Jones/Charles split, with Charles being the backup and Jones being the primary runner. In my opinion, Haley wants to keep Charles fresh for the whole season. Not quite sure if you guys saw TJ last year, but the Jets ran him into the ground. By the time playoffs rolled around TJ was pretty much done, and Shonne Greene emerged. I definitely expect more than 10 TDs between the two of these players, and by the end of the year I think Charles will end up with a few more carries than predicted. Either way, we have 2 great runningbacks that are both capable of running the ball. It's a fantastic problem to have. We have 2 starting caliber runningbacks. How many do the Packers have again?

Next up is our recieving core, mainly our two biggest targets: Tony Moeaki and Dwayne Bowe. We'll start off with the "other" Tony:



64 receptions

656 recieving yards

10 TDs

Dwayne Bowe:



37 receptions

624 yards

5 TDs

 This is a very, very touchy subject for me. I'm not quite sure how to phrase it, except that I think these may be the most absurd numbers there are. This would make Moeaki a more productive tight end in his first season than Tony Gonzalez was in his first two. This would also be a pretty big disappointment for Dwayne Bowe. I'm hoping for Bowe to pick up the pace and break a thousand yards again, and hopefully double digit TDs. It'd be great for Moeaki, but a very big setback for Bowe.

Now that we've got our main offensive players sorted, lets take a look at a few defensive athletes. We'll start off with Tamba Hali.



43 tackles

19 sacks

5 forced fumbles

This is a very...interesting pace Hali has set for himself. He doesn't rack up many tackles, but in the sack department that would put Hali probably at the top of the NFL (if only Clay Matthews didn't exist...). I don't believe that Hali is going to hit 19 sacks. Realistically, I don't think Hali is on the same level as DeMarcus Ware. Not yet at least. It's great watching him blossom into his own, and I'm hoping that he keeps this pace up. However, we have to remember that 3 sacks came in one game, so it's not exactly averaging out very well.

Let's go ahead and take a look at our two cornerbacks, the two Brandons. We'll start with Flowers.



48 tackles

27 passes defended

11 interceptions

I'm not very suprised by these statistics at all. I don't think Flowers is going to hit 11 interceptions, not because he isn't capable of it, but because very soon teams are going to realize that they need to avoid hitting his side of the field. With Berry being slow to pick up the NFL coverage, Flowers is doing everything he can to keep the opposing teams recievers on lock.

Brandon Carr



59 tackles

16 passes defended

0 interceptions

I think it'd be silly to say that Carr won't end up with an interception this season. He already has a fumble recovery, and while he isn't a prototypical lock down corner, he's a tough kid that can make plays. He's probably going to have the best season of his career thus far, especially if the front seven can keep doing their job.




These statistics aren't positive or anything, I just averaged everything out so far into what would be 16 games. I really hope Cassel doesn't throw 16 interceptions, and I hope that Charles breaks for more than 5 touchdowns. I don't think Hali is going to have 19 sacks, or that Carr won't have any picks. I just thought it'd be good to see what we're on pace for, and how our players are performing so far. Apologies if anything is off, though I think I did everything right.


What do you guys think? Who's going to underperform/overperform?


 And btw, watching other quarterbacks in the league, it'd honestly be great to have someone like Aaron Rodgers. Not a knock on Cassel, but Rodgers is really becoming a great QB. Just nice to watch =P

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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