Our coaches don't know squat...or do they?

Ok, I've never seen so much negativity for a team that's 2-0. I would think that a fanbase that's been so deprived of wins for so many years would be absolutely ecstatic over a record like this. Yet I see a ton of folks complaining about the coaching staff not doing this or that. So, this begs the question, "Just how good is our coaching staff anyway?".


Breakdown after the jump...

Back when the OTA's were finishing up,  I became curious to the level of experience our coaching staff had, so I wandered over to the mothership and collected some stats. I'm not aware of any coaching changes or additions since then, so I'm going with the same info I had from then.

Here's what I found...

Total Years Coaching: 228
Total Years Coaching from those who have SB appearances (both as players and coaches): 215
Total SuperBowl Appearances: 32
Total SuperBowl WINS: 25

Individual Coaching stats (sorted by # of WINNING SB’s):

Name, Yrs NFL Coaching, SB Appearances, SB WINS

Romeo Crennel, 29, 6, 5
Charlie Weis, 32, 5, 4
Emmit Thomas, 30, 3, 3 (1 as Chiefs Player)
Steve Hoffman (ST), 20, ?, 3
Scott Pioli, 19, 4, 3
Maurice Carthon (Ast, HC), 16, 3, 2
Anthony Pleasant (DLine), 1, 2, 2
Bill Muir (OLine), 32, 1, 1
Otis Smith (DQC), 1, 2, 1
Adam Zimmer (LB, Ast), 5, 1, 1
Todd Haley, 13, 1, 0
*Mike Clark (Conditioning) 7, 1, 0

  • Mike Clark is also a member of the Strength and Conditioning Hall of Fame
    Also note that for those of you with itchy calculator fingers out there, the total years NFL coaching won’t add up against the coaches shown, because there were 6 coaches without SB appearances which I left off for the sake of brevity…

Ok, long story short. I haven’t run these #‘s against any other teams, but it seems to me at least that 25 SB wins to the staff would be pretty much untouched by any other team. That’s a super impressive stat. The tagline would be “Been there. Done that—a BUNCH”.

The most impressive thing for me, its not only our Coordinators have considerable SB experience (and many wins), but the SB experience goes so DEEP into the staff as well. 215 years experience spread between 12 coaches deep. Anytime you’re blessed to be able to put a braintrust like that together, no wonder we’re so dramatically improved this year (to date) over last. I would venture a guess that there isn’t a damn thing that’s ever happened on a Football field they haven’t seen (or been responsible for doing). More importantly, there's nothing they can't counter because they've already seen it. I offer our 2nd half adjustments the last two Sundays as proof. How long has it been since we've been able to watch our team come out in the 2nd half having fixed our 1st half screwups?

Now, I understand the coaches coach, and the players execute. I agree 100% it's upto the players to put into practice what the Coaches teach. But, who in thier right mind would ever doubt this braintrust (other than Page that is). Our staff not only talks the talk, they walk the walk. Better than pretty much anyone else.

My main reason for posting this is, before we get pissed and aim our keyboard at the team for something, some of you just may want to take a 1/2 second to give some thought that there may be another reason something is or isn’t happening. So, if we're not using JC enough, maybe, just maybe, our staff who are very accomplished at player evaluation are not wanting to chance using JC that hard through 16 games. Yes, he was an absolute STUD last season...for 9 games. 16 is a whole other story. Maybe he lasts. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe they don't want to chance it. Weis stated something similar yesterday, that we have to remember the length of season. JC tore up his shoulder last year in 9 games. Yes, I also agree he toughed it out. But even with corrective surgery, that has to take a toll.  If you remember back, JC had very limited participation in OTA's this spring after his surgery. I think I read a stat somewhere that said most runningbacks in this league only last 5 years or so, especially the smaller ones.

C'mon fans. I know we all want the team to win. Not only win; To dominate. So do the coaches. Right now, we're just far enough along in the transformation that we're starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Before long, we'll realize (as well as our opponents), just how big that light will become. The new administration has pulled out the wrecking ball, and started from scratch last year. We have a very young team. Yes, we're living through some growing pains, there will be some braindead mistakes. There will be some thrilling moments (we've already seen a few!!). ENJOY THE RIDE. Once we get some experienced players, there will be hell to pay in the AFC West! We will be the team of the decade 2010-2019! Take it to the bank!

In closing, it would be so nice to read posts after a game (win or lose) trying to figure out why they (coaches) did or didn't do something,  instead of firing off they're a bunch of DA's or similar. After looking at the stats above, it may deserve a different endorsement.

Not pointing fingers, just sayin…


P.S. This was originally posted as a reply to Lanier63's excellent post on Time to be Heard again (go read it!). It was suggested I make a post out of it, so here it is.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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