Last Minute Ramblings Before We Beat The Niners

I'm so excited for tomorrow's game I can hardly stand it. To me this game is bigger than the Chargers game in assessing our team. No matter the final score, the naysayers will blame the rain and the home field advantage for our win against the Chargers. The Cleveland Browns are 0-2 and hardly going to earn us any respect points across the league, regardless of how well our defense played against them. SO what? It is what it is. We won both games and we deserved those victories. 

The rain did nothing to help our defense stop the Chargers four times to clinch that victory on Monday night. So the TV people can say what they want, the Chiefs are for real.

What are the keys to winning against the Niners tomorrow? Lets discuss that together.

First and foremost in my estimation will be the combination of our pass rush being consistent and Eric Berry stepping it up in pass defense. Our rush defense is no fluke. We are ranked ninth against the rush at the moment. However, the margin between us being a top ten rush defense and a top five rush defense is marginal. 

Eric Berry is a hugegigantamous part of why our run defense is ranked in the top ten right now. He does have a tendency to bite on the play action and break off his coverage, allowing the big pass play. Our being ranked at number 25 versus the pass is very misleading. In fact, if not for Berry making the typical, to be expected, rookie errors, we would be a top ten pass defense right now and possibly a top five. That is a hard one to say for certain.

Okay, on to Matt Cassel. If Weis is going to truly "fix the QB", I do not see it happening tomorrow. Surprise, surprise, I am going to say something nice about Cassel, but let me get my breath first. I think Cassel's break out game will be against the Texans for two reasons. 

One, he will have a little more experience by then and with the addition of the bye week to help game plan and the extra practice time for the Houston texans, he should come out swinging in that game. 

In addition, Houston is playing horrible against the pass right now. Horrible. They are DEAD LAST against the pass this year. Now that did nothing to stop them from beating Peyton Manning, but the Colts do not have Jones and Charles to alleviate the pressure from the QB like we do. 

Fortunately, we do not need Peyton Manning to beat the Texans. We need Jamaal and Jones and a consistent game out of Matt Cassel to get that win.

For now though, I think this game against the niners is the first real true gauge for us as fans as to where our team is at as a whole. The Niners are allowing only 63 yards rushing per game. That potentially takes away our biggest weapon on offense: our running game. So it will be a pure true test of our Chiefs as a team if we have to go to the air to beat the Niners on Sunday.

The Chiefs looked like a pretty good team against Cleveland. We sustained several long drives and controlled the TOP, which will be absolutely essential if we are to beat San Francisco. However, our run defense will give us the same advantage against the Niners. We should be able to contain Frank Gore and force the Niners to lean heavily on their QB play as well.

If Berry is up to the challenge, this will allow our pass rush to disrupt their passing game and give our secondaries a chance to come up big tomorrow. 

All in all I feel like we have a very legitimate shot to win this game and should come out of this week at 3 and 0. With that record going into the bye week, the chances are, we will be at 6 and 3 or 7 and 2 by week 9. Tremendous. 

I hope you all enjoy the game and have a great weekend. GO CHIEFS!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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