Time To Be Heard, Again...

I haven’t written a FanPost in quite awhile, not that I forgot how, but wanted to sit back relax a little and watch how the site progressed through the season. I also haven’t had much time to dedicate to searching out a topic or opinion I may have had and putting something together worthy of reading for you guys and gals to share with.

As a senior member of AP in both age and time spent here, I wanted to bring to the front a topic that may help us understand why we see the content we have been seeing on AP the last few weeks. Believe it or not young people I actually was young once also and was always quick to get turned around in the wrong direction on a whim if things didn’t go my way. It’s always best and easy to blame someone else or the circumstances if your team doesn’t win every week or your players don’t lead the League in every positive category each week of the season. Why wait for good things to happen when it takes work and time to perfect a program that is still seemingly new to some people?

I mean, hey- they drafted some of the best rookies this year so they should be the best in all three phases of the game each week, right? We have two really good coordinators so each of those teams should be as good as their reputation now instead of later, right? The GM, HC, and OC and DC have upteen Super Bowl appearances between them, so we should get one now, right?

Or, we have a great RB in Charles, so why bring in Jones, right? We have Brodie Croyle, so why bring in Matt Cassel, right?


Time doesn’t equate to Right Now!

Let me repeat that, in 49 years of life and 47 years of watching and being a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, Time doesn’t equate to Right Now!

I looked at some stats for Arrowhead Pride today and was amazed to find something interesting.

Charles/Jones = has seen 13 Stories written, 31 Fanposts written, 3 Fanshots and 232 comments when used that way.

Jones/Charles  = has seen 9 Stories written, 19 Fanposts written, 3  Fanshots and 147 comments when used that way.

Cassel = has seen 1010 Stories written, 1344 Fanposts written, 701 Fanshots and 22,500 comments when used that way.

And just to say I looked at it, Carl Peterson = has seen 267 Stories written, 215 Fanposts written, 115 Fanshots and 1371 comments when used that way.

Point being, we are seeing way too many things said about Charles and Jones, and Matt Cassel and we are losing stories, posts and comments about the Chiefs overall that need to be seen by every fan. I don’t know of anyone on this site that can change the way Charles and Jones are used, how many carries they will get or who starts. I also don’t know of anyone here that can change Cassel’s contract, have him sit the bench or trade him know matter how the season goes.

I think some of the frustration of these few topics mentioned are age of the author. I believe patience is most often tied directly to age. Its easier for young people to get frustrated with a subject and its easier for older folk to let things take their course.

People, we are 2-0 right now and despite how we got there, a year from now know one will remember or care how bad someone might have played or how many carries someone got. They will know however that after two tough games, we are 2-0.

Success takes time and as fans we have to be patient. If you lived through the late 70’s and early 80’s with this organization you know exactly what I mean.

I know everyone here means well, but we are all here for one common reason and that is we are part of Americas Best Professional Franchise...The Kansas City Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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