Nostradamus of Arrowhead Pride (IT'S ABOUT TIME, AWARDS EDITION)



*WARNING! Reading may take awhile. Make sure you have the time...Oh and there are some pictures* 

A little over a year ago I had the desire to create something special. Up to that point most of my contributions to AP were just me voicing what side of the fence I was on concerning a particular issue. I knew I wanted to do something different, but I wasn't exactly sure on how to go about it. This seems to be a recurring problem with me, but that's another story for another time.

In my struggle to create something new, I happened upon Leafdamus; a visionary old man who seemed to have the answers I was seeking. He claimed to be a prophet and devised a competition to see if anyone could match he's phenomenal cosmic powers. Turns out Leafdamus was a crack pot, and makes Mel Gibson look like a sane person.



I'm guessing Leafdamus had his one and only true premonition and saw that he could no longer keep up the act and skipped town. Bastard. On top of that, I find out that the bloody wanker had absolutely horrid math and organization skills. Words can't describe that utter cluster $#%& that he left the competition in. That being said, I've dedicated blood, sweat, and tears to eradicate the mess he left behind, and I am proud to announce that I've accomplished the feat. So with out farther ado, I give you last years NAP award winners:




First up, Individual week winners:

Week 1: CT Chiefs Fan. CT Chiefs Fan won first ever NAP award with a record of 13-3. for those with bad math skills that's 81%. A very strong start to the competition, but sadly this prophet would not be heard from again. But being the first deserves something, so CT Chiefs Fan, here's your NAP.



Week 2: Steve_Chiefs. This was Steve_Chiefs first victory. While his 11-5 (61%) record wasn't as impressive as CT Chiefs Fan's, it's enough to get him a date with Rupaul. 

Week 3: upamtn. This was upamtn's first week in the competition and he comes out and grabs a victory with his 12-4 (75%) record. Nothing more annoying than getting PWND by a noob.

Week 4: chicks_love_chiefs. While I'm are still unclear as to the sex of this individual, ambiguity seemed to work in his/her favor as they snuck in and posted a 12-2 (86%) record and recorded the closest Chiefs game score to date; missing only by 1 point. Beginners luck.

Week 5: big_Scott.  His 9-5 (64%) is the lowest record to take a weekly title. Way to overachieve there Scotty.

Week 6: MTCHIEF. After missing a week, MTCHIEF comes back and wins with a 11-2 (85%) record. I'm guessing that by winning he beat someone he shouldn't have, as he pulled a CT Chiefs Fan and became as scarce as Jimmy Hoffa.

Week 7: chiefsandcigars. After just barely losing in weeks 5 & 6, chiefsandcigars comes out and wins with a 10-3 (77%) record. He must have celebrated a little too hard afterwards, as he's not seen again till week 12. Maybe he should try using his cigars properly next time.

Week 8: idahochieffan. Leafdamus completely dropped the ball this week and if Steve_Chiefs had not picked it up, idahochieffan's 11-2 (85%) victory would have gone unnoticed. Since Leafdamus completely forgot this week, it's obvious that he thought that idahochieffan's victory was as forgettable as Idaho.  

Week 9: KC Nate. KC Nate posts the only other sub 10 win winning record with 9-4 (69%). The only thing that saved KC from being the most underachieving victor was the one game less played. 

Week 10: chiefsinchina. This was the chiefsinchina's first week and he posted a respectable 11-4 (73%) record.  A noob and a commie? I'm putting money down that he's a gold farmer as well.

Week 11: Leaf. After a 10 week wait Leaf finally gets a win. On top of that, he recorded the best weekly record with 15-1 (94%). Someone get this man a drink.

Week 12: upamtn. upamtn becomes the first to win 2 weekly titles with his 14-2 (88%) record. Nobody likes an overachiever upamtn. 

Week 13: j-man. Unfortunately the donk actually did win with a 12-4 (75%) record. I was so tempted to give this to the next best record just on sure principle, but i figured PETA might throw a fit. I guess this gives me the opportunity to also hand out our Foreign Participant NAP Motivationalposters-donkeys-400x320_medium

Week 14: idahochieffan. Looks like idahochieffan didn't forget how to win with his 14-2 (88%) record. I guess he didn't get the memo about not likely overachievers. 

Week 15: Steve_Chiefs. All I have to say on this one is THIEF. Both Steve_Chiefs and myself had 10-6 (63%) records, but Stevie bested my Chiefs game score by 1 point. *string of explicits*

Unfortunately this was the last week that the competition was held so weeks 16 & 17 do not have winners. Now onto the awards everyone really cares about.

Longevity Award: Steve_Chiefs - Steve Chiefs participated in 223 games. The only one to participate in all 15 weeks of NAP 1.0's running.



Overall Best Percentage: upamtn - upamtn posted a 69% over 11 weeks. 




Overall Worst Percentage: Chiefsfan85 - Chiefsfan85 posted a 60% over 13 weeks




Overall Best Chiefs Game Score: chicks_love_chiefs - chicks accumulated 1 point over 1 game. While it is a small sample, no one came close to that score.




Overall Worst Chiefs Game Score: Steve_Chiefs - Steve_Chiefs accumulated 531 points over 14 games. Next closest person was 50 points away. Epic Fail.




Overall Best Chiefs Game Score Average: upamtn - upamtn averaged being off the score by 21 points averaged over 11 games. No one else participating in more than 7 games averaged in the 20s.




No Nostradamus of Arrowhead Pride would be complete with out a visit from our lovely friend Ashley, so here she is to present the overall winner and title of "Nostradamus of Arrowhead Pride 1.0" 




Nostradamus of Arrowhead Pride 1.0: upamtn - with the best overall percentage and the best Chiefs game average, this isn't a hard one. I would post another overachiever picture, but I think there are enough pictures in this post. plus it's like 1:00 in the morning so I just don't feel like searching for a funny one.


*This concludes Leaf's presentation of this years NAP awards. Any duplication or reproduction of this presentation without the written consent of Leaf is strictly prohibited* 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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