Charles vs. Carthon - A problem in the locker room

I didn't see this anywhere on AP and was going to make a FanShot but I started getting into it more and decided to make a post. Now I'm not really a big "blogger" and I don't post often. I don't know all the neat formatting tricks and it won't look pretty. But at least I can spell, and put sentences into paragraphs right?

So I was listening to Nick Wright's Podcast yesterday and came across something. Apparently there's ALOT more to this story about Charles saying he is the backup. The podcast is 9/21 - Concerns about Jamaal Charles attitude. 

You can catch it here:

It was strange hearing Charles call himself the backup after he and the coaching staff has repeatedly said not to pay attention to who's the starter/backup and that both players know their roles, right? Well it seems that logic is being throw out the window.

Nick Wright says he talked to someone he trusts completely, and a couple of teammates about this. Charles, a couple of times, was put out on the field on 3rd down after riding the bench on 1st and 2nd down. A couple of times that he picked up the first down, he was pulled right back off the field. He was visibly frustrated, but not acting out, not complaining, and doing what he's asked to do. So whats the problem? 

Mo Carthon

So here's the story. Apparently, Charles was coming off the field looking frustrated, and Mo Carthon yelled at him (I'm not going to quote this because I'm not going to listen through the podcast again to find the exact quote) saying something along the lines of 'Don't be so frustrated coming off the field, you're the goddamn backup' and was berating him on the sideline. He embarrassed him in front of the team. After this, Jamaal went "into a tent" sat on the bench, kept to himself, didnt communicate with teammates, coaches, etc.

Now, the problem isn't that he's not getting touches. The teammates that Wright talked to say that hes not mad about that. He's frustrated that hes not getting carries, but again, he knows his role and isn't complaining. As Wright put it, hes being a good soldier about it. But then he comes off the field and gets berated for being frustrated because he thinks he can help the team more? Isn't that a little extreme? I think it is.

Wright continued to explain that the Chiefs organization seems to favor certain players over the others. Matt Cassel is babied by the organization when he's arguably the worst starter on offense, yells back at the coaches with no consequences, while our best offensive player isn't getting the carries, is being a 'good soldier' about it, and is embarrassed in front of his teammates by his coaches. If Charles were to yell at his coaches, it would be all over the news. Any other player other than our QB would get stuck in the doghouse if they yelled back at the coaches the way Cassel has before. Example: The INT was Chris Chambers fault? How about the fact that the ball was underthrown, in TIGHT coverage, when Dwayne Bowe was clearly open on the other side of the field? The safety came forward to cover the Slot, Bowe went deep and had at least a 2-3 step lead on the CB. That INT WAS completely Cassels fault. Should Chambers have fought for it? Of course, but that doesnt take away from the fact that it was a poor throw, and a bad read in the first place. Besides, Bowe is much better in terms of "Jump Ball" type throws and thats pretty much what it was. 

I just don't get it. A guy goes out on the field when hes asked, picks up a first down, gets pulled out of the game, and gets screamed at, berated, and "MF'ed up and down the sideline" as Wright was told. If Charles is able to get us 3rd down conversions, why are we NOT using him on 1st or 2nd down? Think about it. Some people still defend Cassel and say its hard to get in a rhythm when we run on 1st and 2nd and face a 3rd and long situation. Okay, cool. Sometimes, Charles gets a first down out of those situations. If that's the case, why not give Charles the ball more often, not only having a chance of gaining yards but also scoring a TD from anywhere on the field? This could give us more 3rd and short opportunities, where Jones and hopefully Cassel could excel. 

Don't get me wrong, I like Thomas Jones. I think Jones is great for the team. I just think that it hurts the team more than it helps to have Jamaal on the bench. 

The Chiefs are going to piss off Charles, and not because they aren't playing him, but because he is being a man through this whole process and gets disrespected the way he was on Sunday. I don't know if the Chiefs will be able to keep Charles when his contract comes up if this continues to happen

We have a hungry 49ers team coming to Arrowhead, and a locker room issue brewing. I have a feeling we're going to lose this one..

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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