KC Chiefs vs 49ers: Analyzing San Francisco's Football Tendencies

SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 20: Frank Gore #21 of the San Francisco 49ers runs against the New Orleans Saints during an NFL game at Candlestick Park on September 20 2010 in San Francisco California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs host the San Francisco 49ers this weekend at Arrowhead.  Many here in Chiefs nation are wondering just what 49ers team is going to show up this Sunday.  Is it the multiple talented team with a lot of high draft picks that will begin to put it together like everyone thought or the team that played against the Seahawks.

Every team in the NFL has strengths and weaknesses, tendencies, and go-to guys.  They have plays they like to call during tight situations or directions they like to run when in the middle of the football field.

Let's take a look at those 49ers tendencies.

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49ers Rushing Offense

Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Up the Middle Right Guard Right Tackle Right End
Plays: 3 Plays: 4 Plays: 6 Plays: 16 Plays: 5 Plays: 6 Plays: 4
NFL Rank: 26 NFL Rank: 22 NFL Rank: 11 NFL Rank: 9 NFL Rank: 14 NFL Rank: 16 NFL Rank: 19
Avg Gain: 9.33 Avg Gain: 6.50 Avg Gain: 1.83 Avg Gain: 3.44 Avg Gain: 3.60 Avg Gain: 6.67 Avg Gain: 3.25
NFL Rank: 3 NFL Rank: 5 NFL Rank: 24 NFL Rank: 20 NFL Rank: 10 NFL Rank: 3 NFL Rank: 21

49ers Rushing Notes:

  • Just like the last two team the Chiefs have played, the 49ers like to run the ball up the middle.  They are ranked 9th in the NFL in attempts.  The thing about the 49ers is that they have not been playing 3-4 defenses.  So that means they really do like to run it up the gut and it is just not taking advantage of a general weakness in the 3-4 philosophy.
  • According to the numbers, the 49ers have had a lot of success running the ball of both left and right tackle.  They don't seem to run there at an alarming rate, only 22nd and 16th in the NFL respectively, but when they do run it at the tackles they gain big yards (5th and 3rd in the NFL).
  • Expect the 49ers to come into KC thinking they need to get back to what they do best.  That means they are going to try and run the ball down the Chiefs throat.  Watch out for those off tackle plays.
  • So far this season teams have run in the direction of their own offensive guard (T. Jackson's side) 2nd most in the NFL for an average gain of 3.35 yards per carry (19th in the NFL) when playing against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Look for teams to keep testing Jackson until he can show he can hold up for 4 or 5 games.  And if he is out...look for the 49ers to really test his side. 

49ers Passing Offense


Plays: 1

Avg Gain: 41.0

NFL Rank: 29


Avg Gain: 11.3

NFL Rank: 7

Plays: 5

Avg Gain: 11

NFL Rank: 11

Plays: 29

Avg Gain:5.7

NFL Rank: 1

Plays: 7

Avg Gain: 5.2

NFL Rank: 25

Plays: 30

Avg Gain: 6.1

NFL Rank: 6

49ers Passing Zone Frequency Chart


49ers Passing Notes:

  • The 49ers are 1st in the NFL in attempts when passing short/left and 6th in the NFL in attempts short/right.  From a look at the individual receiving numbers below, look for Vernon Davis and Frank Gore to continue their big role in the 49ers offense. 
  • Like last weeks prediction, expect the 49ers to look a little less in Flowers direction and continue to throw the ball short/left (Carr's direction).
  • The 49ers just haven't thrown the ball deep/left very much this year.  Only once which is 29th in the NFL in attempts.  Look for the 49ers to test Carr again and send Davis on a couple of deep routes to test those new safeties for the Chiefs. 
  • Look for what Romeo is going to do to account for Vernon Davis.  The 49er's TE is one of the best in the NFL when his mind is in the game.


No. Yds Avg Long TD
RECEIVING 1. Davis, Vernon 12 151 12.6 41 0

2. Morgan, Josh 9 102 11.3 17 0

3. Gore, Frank 13 101 7.8 23 1

4. Walker, Delanie 5 53 10.6 22 0

5. Crabtree, Michael 3 44 14.7 32 0

6. Ginn, Ted 1 19 19.0 19 0

7. Zeigler, Dominique 2 12 6.0 10 0

8. Byham, Nate 2 11 5.5 6 0

9. Norris, Moran 2 7 3.5 5 0

Total 49 500 10.2 41 1





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