We Need To Get One Thing Straight Chiefs Fans!

God I love Chiefs fans. We argue over everything. We will debate a coin toss for days on here. Its great. I love all the differing opinions on here. I love them. I say keep them coming. Who cares what anyone else thinks. You say what you feel, this is your team too and you have that right. That said, I think we need to get one thing straight.

We have had some dynamite debates on here lately about Cassel and Jamaal. Maybe too many. Either way, a lot of valid points have been made on these issues. However, there is one point thing that keeps coming up that really bothers me as a Chiefs fan. 


I have heard several people say that "we have no chance of winning the SB anyway, so why use Charles up". First, let me say this post is NOT about Charles. Its about the mentality behind that type of comment. So here goes.

That is a fans perspective all the way, not a coaches or a GM's EVER. No head coach has that mentality. They better not. If any of our coaches truly believed that and game planned like that they should be fired on the spot and banned from the premises. I can hardly believe we say things like that on here.

Do we really want a staff that goes into the season saying " we have no chance anyway, so lets not use our good players. Lets just play to get to .500, who's with me"?

There is only one clear path to becoming a champion. You believe like one, you think like one, you act like one, you train like one, you game plan like one and you dam sure better fight like one. No team has ever become a championship team with an attitude of " oh well, we have no chance anyway, so why use our superstars?". Nuh uhh. No way.

You can not become a championship team thinking like that. You have to want it and you have to believe it every single season, every single game and every single snap. Take the niners versus the Saints; they should have had no chance at all in that game. Everyone told them they were out of their league agains the Saints. But they didn't get the message. They fought their hearts out. They clawed and scratched and clung to life support at times, but they never took the mentality of "oh well". What is that about anyway? That "oh well" mentality is poison. 

You do not see the niners benching Vernon Davis because they have no chance. Absolutely ridiculous. Of course you use your superstars and your talent, and you use them as much as possible. What kind of poisonous message would that be sending to our players to game plan around losing? Come on man!! Get real.

That mentality has no place at all in the NFL ever. Not ever. You game plan like your going to win the Superbowl. You game plan like every game is the Superbowl. You will never build a championship team, unless you believe you can be one and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. 

If they feel that Jones gives us a better chance of getting to the Superbowl then fine. I'll back them until it backfires. If they feel Cassel is the guy to take us there THIS YEAR, then I'll stand by them until it fails. But I will never accept a coaching staff that would ever game plan around not making the Superbowl. 

WE have to stop thinking like this. WE have to believe too. What kind of fans are we if we sit back and sell our team short after we are 2-0 for the first time in years? You play whoever gives you the best chance to win. You do NOT save players because you do not think your going to win anyway. If that was the case they should just forfeit the games they feel they have no chance to win. That way no one gets injured and no one gets "used up". And how do you get "used up" in your second season as a starter anyway? Especially after playing only half a season as a starter in the NFL so far? Not possible. 

No one is going to get used up by being played to win games. If you believe that then we should cut the loose baggage and get a sturdier player in here. Who wants a player that gets used up after one season? Sorry I do not buy that argument. 

It is time for us to believe. We had no chance against San Diego right? So we should have benched Waters, Vrabel, Jones and Charles and used our practice squad guys so we didn't "use up" our good players right? No way. Thats not how it works folks. 

I am on the bandwagon all the way. Lets face it. If we win out against San Francisco we are 3-0. Then we have the bye week. After that, even if we lose both of our next two road games, and I am not saying we will, but even if we did, after that we have Jacksonville and Buffalo at home, followed by the Raiders. We should be 6-2 after that if we play like we are winners and not just some meaningless "in the meanwhile" team that is planning on winning next season. 

I do not view this season as some meaningless prelude to something better next year. I view every game as winnable and essential on our path to becoming a championship calibre team. 

WE must believe we can win. Our coaches must believe we can win. And most importantly, our players must believe they can win or we might as well not play. 

Lets never doubt again. Not now, not this year. We are on a roll and I'm enjoying the ride. I may not like or understand some of the decisions going on, but I am all about the Chiefs THIS year. Aren't you?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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