Breaking Down The Passing in Cleveland Game

I don't have game film readily available, but wanted to go back over and look at why passing game really broke down.  Overall, Cassel was 16-28 for 172 yards with a 5.9 yard per catch average.  That yard per catch is the main issue.

The first drive started with Cassel making three completions in a row, with a first down.  But then we tried to push on runs and then had an incompletion to McCluster to end the drive. 

 The next series found Cassel scrambling for a gain after the turnover deep in Cleveland territory, but then two short pass incompletions.  One to McCluster, one to Moeaki.

Then third series was incomplete, complete for first, complete for first, incomplete to McCluster.  Short run and punt.

Fourth series incomplete pass to Moeaki, pass for first down, pass for first down, pass incomplete to McCluster.  Short run.  Sacked and then punt.  That was our last drive of the quarter.

In looking at this quarter...appears that we did move the ball with some passing but Cassel and McCluster were having a hard time connecting, but we were trying to get Dex into the passing game.

The second quarter found us having two short runs then a short pass to Bowe that ended up one yard short and then punt. 

Intereception by Flowers for TD.

Charles run, then Cassel intercepted after the tip.

Completion, run, completion for first down.  Run, run, incomplete pass to Castille then punt.

Run, interception (the one intented for Chambers).  This is the one first real breakdown I saw of Cassel. 

Just not a lot went well in the second quarter for us.  Bowe coming up short of first down, two interceptions.  But in looking at first quarter, Cassel was not really doing too bad, save for not being able to hook up with McCluster.

Third Quarter.

Run, run, pass for first down. complete pass, run by Cassel, complete pass for first down.  Run for first down, run, run, run short of goal line.  Field goal.

Complete pass for first down, run,  run, run and then punt.

Looks like way too conservative play calling and the run, run killed us.  A good long drive made by Cassel doing well but then took the wind out our sails with run, run.

Fourth Quarter.

Run, pass complete for first down, run, pass, run for first down, run, incomplete deep to Bowe, run, completion for first down, run, pass complete for first down, run, incomplete and holding penalty short of goal line.  Field Goal.

Run, incomplete but defensive penalty for first down, run, run, incomplete and punt.

Run, run, run, over.


Another good long drive and this one seemed to mix things up well on run and pass...two incompletions that hurt but not sure if drops, bad passes or what happened with these. 

I have tried to stand behind Cassel, and still do not think all the fault lies with him in this game.  If the play calling had not been so conservative, he may have had more like 250 plus yards...or another intereception.  It is hard to blame a QB on tips at the might give him benefit of doubt on the first interception.  He had one real miscue in not looking to Bowe and being short on his pass to Chambers on the second interception.  He seemed to move the ball some in first quarter and in third and fourth.  I really believe the conservative play calling hurt us more then Cassel.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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