AFC West Week 2 Grades

Oakland Raiders

Offense: C

The Raider's offense is a mess, to say the least. Their "Savior" Jason Cambell has been playing terribly! Before he finally got benched, he was 8/15 for 87 yards and had 1 int and 2 fumbles, with a QB rating of 42.9. Coach Cable then brought in Gradkowski and he actually got the ball moving while he was in. Grad was 11/22 for 162 yards with 1 int and 1 TD. But the high point of the offense was again Darren McFadden. He looked very good again, rushing for 145 yards. But you have to get more than 1 TD against this Rams defense. I'll be interested to see who starts at the QB spot next week.

Defense: B

For the most part, the defense looked not too bad. They did pretty well against the run, holding Steven Jackson to 75 yards and a YPC under 4. But, on the other hand, Sam Bradford looked pretty good against them. He completed 14/25 for 167 yards and 2 TD's and a QB rating of 86.6. The defense did have 3 sacks and 1 int. So defense wasn't too bad, but you have to remember, it was against a rookie QB. So this defense is still unproven.

Special Teams: B

Jans was 3/4 and Lechler was solid, as usual, pinning the Rams inside the 20 twice.



San Diego Chargers

Offense: A-

The Charger's offense looked great on Sunday. Philip Rivers looked very good, passing for 22/29 for 334 yards and 3 TD's and had a QB raring of 119. Matthews got a little dinged up, so the majority of the carries went to Tolbert, who looked good rushing for 82 yards and a YPC over 5. Rivers also spread the ball around really well, having 4 guys with at least 50 yards receiving. Gates was dominant, even though the Jags tried to double cover him at times. So overall, this offense looked like it could be a top 5 offense again(which says a lot about our defensive performance against them), even without Vincent Jackson.

Defense: A

I'm not sure if it was really the Chargers defense playing really well as much as it was the Jags offense looking really bad. That was about as bad as I've seen David Garrard play, but a lot of the credit showed go to the Bolts defense. They picked off Garrard 4 times and forced and recovered 2 fumbles. They also shut Maurice Jones-Drew down completely. He rushed for 31 yards and 2.6 YPC. The only letdown on the defense was how good Mike Sims-Walker played, catching 10 balls for 105 yards and 1 TD. An interesting stat was the Jags only scored 13 points, but did not punt the ball 1 time. I don't think I have ever seen that. Just shows how many turnovers they had.

Special Teams:B+

They blocked a punt and Sproles looked decent on kick returns. Kaeding was perfect on XP and field goals and Scrifes only punted the ball 1 time.



Denver Broncos

Offense: B+

Kyle Orton looks to be shooting up the QB ranks. He had a very good game, passing for 25/35 for 307 yards and 2 TD's and a QB rating of 117. The wide receivers also looked good, especially the rookie Thomas. He caught 8 passes for 97 yards and 1 TD. I still have no faith in their running game. The run game was horrible, at best. Moreno rushed for 51 yards and a 2.1 YPC, while Buckhalter rushed for 19 yards with a 1.7 YPC. This offensive line is not very good right now. The pass blocking was fine, but its hard to tell because the receivers were always open. The run blocking needs a lot of work.

Defense: B+

They picked off Matt Hasselbeck 3 times, but did give up 233 passing yards but that is no surprise because of how many times they passed the ball. Justin Forsett was the leading rusher with only 44 yards, but the team did average 5.5 YPC against the Broncos. The defense as a whole looked good, but the weakness is still pass rush. With how many times Seattle passed the ball, the Broncos only managed to get 1 sack. I think this is going to be a problem for them all year.

Special Teams: B

The kick returners and punt returners did absolutely nothing, but Prater and Colquitt kicked very well.



Kansas City Chiefs

Offense: D+

I think I might be a little too critical on this grade, but when you don't have any offensive touchdowns and no real rhythm except for 1 or 2 drives in the second half, this grade is pretty fair. I don't want to start another Matt Cassel debate, but overall, he did not look good. He passed for 16/28 for 176 yards and 2 int's and a QB rating of 46.1. I will say, I thought the offensive line played well. It seemed like Matt had time to throw, but things just weren't working. Thomas Jones rushed for 83 yards and 3.8 YPC, while Jamaal Charles rushed for 49 yards and 4.5 YPC, but Jones had double the carries.The good news is Tony Moeaki looked really good, catching 5 passes for 58 yards. All in all, this offense needs quite a bit of work. 

Defense: A

This grade might be too nice, but they won us the game. Plain and simple. They produced the only touchdown we had and shut the Browns down. Last season, Harrison rushed for almost 300 yards, but yesterday he could only manage to get 33 on 2.1 YPC. He was shut down. Wallace didn't play too bad, but we maximized  his biggest mistake, turning it into a touchdown. The defense also forced a fumble in their own territory. The only huge mistake was the Cribbs TD. Berry got caught cheating up and Seneca took advantage of it. This defense looks very good and am excited to see what it can do.

Special Teams: B

Succup and Colquitt kicked really well, but we could not get our returners going. It was obvious that was something the Browns stressed in practice.


A lot of really high grades because all of the AFC West teams won. First time since 2005 that has happened.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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