A Strong Start To The Season Bodes Well For The Kansas City Chiefs

For the first time in five NFL seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs have the potential to start off the regular season with two straight wins if they pull off a victory against the Cleveland Browns

Hopefully KC can snag a win here because the Chiefs schedule gets rough after the Week 4 bye week. After the bye, the KC Chiefs play the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts on the road. 

For a little history on what starting 2-0 and means for the Chiefs. I've gone over the last thirty years and pulled out the seasons when the Chiefs won their first two games. There are nine seasons where this happened. 

Here are some tidbits about the Chiefs' 2-0 season starts to get you going:

  • When starting 2-0, the Chiefs average 9.7 wins per season;
  • The Chiefs have made the playoffs in four out of those nine seasons; and,
  • Only once (1985) did the Chiefs end up with a losing record and only once (1984) did they not make it above .500 for the regular season.
I have to say if the Chiefs start off 2-0 by beating the Cleveland Browns this weekend, then I'm going to start feeling pretty good about the 2010 regular season. 

I've gone over those nine seasons in a bit more detail after the jump. Check 'em out. 

2005 Chiefs Season

Trent Green and the Chiefs started off the season 2-0 and ended up 10-6, just barely missing the playoffs. 

2003 Chiefs Season*

The Chiefs didn't just start out 2-0 in 2003. They won the first nine games before losing to the Cincinnati Bengals

1996 Chiefs Season

The Marty Schottenheimer led Chiefs started off 4-0 but finished the season with only nine wins. 

1995 Chiefs Season*

Ah yes, 1995. What a great season. The Chiefs started off 10-1 and finished with thirteen wins. 

1994 Chiefs Season*

Joe Montana led the Chiefs to a 3-0 start but only got nine wins on the season. The Chiefs did make the playoffs that season however.

1992 Chiefs Season*

KC went 10-6 in 1992, making the playoffs for the third straight season. 

1985 Chiefs Season

If you're too young to remember the '85 Chiefs season, you're in luck! After a 2-0 start, the Chiefs ended up only six wins. 

1984 Chiefs Season

Another 2-0 start in the 1980s and another disappointing playoffs-less season. KC went 8-8 in '84.

1981 Chiefs Season

A sporadic '81 season saw the Chiefs start 2-0, end up with nine wins and missing the playoffs. 

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