Week Two Matchup: The Browns




Wow, week one is already over.  Seems like it went way too fast but I'm happy we got the win and moving on to the Browns.  There are still quite a few questions about this team mostly on offense.  Even with these questions I'm pretty sure we can pull of a victory.  The dawg pound will be loud but we can overcome it if we get the lead early.  Let us look at our history with the Browns.  The Browns own the series at 10-9-2 with a score of 423 to 437.  The last time we faced them was December 20th 2009.  The Browns beats us 41 to 34 in a real disappointing loss.  Ok, time for the matchups!


When the Browns pass:  Chiefs Win!


At first I was going to say tie because the Browns did move the ball on the Bucs.  They got 9 first downs through the air.  They got 236 yards passing and 1 TD but 2 INT's.  They also got 3 sacks.  Also, the Browns could end up playing with their second stringer.


When the Browns run:  Chiefs Win!


We did stop Mathews for under 85 yards which no one thought was possible.  Our line played like beasts but lets hope Jackson's replacement will play hard.  The Browns did have 5 rushing first downs, 104 rushing yards, and 4.5 YPC.  Then again, they were playing the Bucs' defense so we really can't judge that great.


When the Chiefs pass:  Browns Win!


Until we can prove we can pass this goes to the Browns.  They held the Bucs to 169 passing yards and a 7 out of 17 third down conversions.  They also got an interception on defense.  Let us just hope we can open up our passing game more.  Let's not hope for ST and defensive touchdowns even though we would love to have them.


When the Chiefs run:  Chiefs Win!


The Chiefs just have too many weapons and too much speed for the Browns to handle.  The Browns gave up 119 rushing yards, 4.0 YPC, and 3 rushing first downs.  If C. Williams can get decent numbers then I expect our backs to have elite numbers.


Special Teams:  Browns Win!


The Browns are proven on special teams.  If this game was late in the year this might be a tie or us ahead but for now I think I have this correct.  We just need to contain Cribbs and gain some great field position.


X-Factor:  Browns Win!


They Browns have 3 things going for them.  They are at home which will have a lot of noise.  They also have a man named Joshua Cribbs who much like our ST Ace's can score anywhere on the field.  They are also mad that they let a very winnable game end up as a loss.  The Chiefs also might take a "give me" game for granted.


Coaching:  Chiefs Win!


We have better coordinators than the Browns.  We also have a big advantage in Romeo Crennel.  He has coached the Browns for quite a few years and knows their players.


Who will win:  Chiefs Win!


This is a perfect game to bring us back to reality if we lose.  I'm pretty sure that our coaches and players won't let that happen though.  We need to make tackles and open up our passing game.  If we do those things effectively we should pull out with the win.  Time to start out 2-0!!


Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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