ALL Off Field Issues Aside...Would Michael Vick Fit Here?

I believe in second chances. Michael Vick has paid his debt to society and I believe he should be forgiven now. If he has truly changed and become a team first player, how would you feel about him behind our line? He has a cannon for an arm and is still extremely accurate. 

Still, his greatest asset is his ability to run away from the rush. He is incredible to watch on TV. I had to watch the Philadelphia game last Sunday as that was the only game on television here in Tampa at that time slot. When Michael Vick stepped into the game, he lit it up. 

I am telling you, Michael Vick can straight up play football. We are obviously building a team around speed and toughness. Michael Vick brings both of those qualities to the table. I can only imagine what our offense would look like with him behind the line posing another threat on every play to break one for a big gain down the field if no one is open.

I am not bringing up Matt Cassel here at all. I think everyone knows I am not a huge fan at this point. I am however, talking about Michael Vick leading us to the Superbowl. He can still play at a high level and has great poise behind the line in the face of a tremendous rush. With us having a weak offensive line, he could just be the answer at quarterback for the Chiefs.

To be fair, I know he has stained his reputation with the dog fighting incident, but that is done and over with now. He does not beat up women or kick kids in the head. He is not a rapist and he is not a gangster. He showed some poor judgement and made some bad decisions, I understand anyone being frustrated about that. 

But strictly speaking from a quarterback position, he would bring a dimension to this team, the likes of which we have never had here in our entire history as a franchise. He has the ability to convert on third downs. I for one would welcome him here with open arms. 

Again, I completely respect the opinions of fellow dog lovers like myself, in being angry at him for the dog fighting episode. I will not argue that point, and everyone is entitled to feel how they like about that particular issue. It is not my place to convince anyone they have to over look such a horrendous act of cruelty.

However, I want to win games. I want to win Superbowls. And Michael Vick could be a great QB while we draft our QB of the future and let him learn at a reasonable pace.

So I am curious to see what you fellow fans feel about the prospect of Michael Vick in a Chiefs uniform. Let me state for the record that I know there is no talk of him coming here and no deal on the table what so ever, but his contract with the Eagles is up next year. He will be a free man to choose where he wants to play if I am correct on that.

He could be the missing link that we so desperately need to take us to the next level. What say ye'?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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