The Great, good, bad, & ugly

Well 10 hours on the road, 24 hours in KC (8 of which were at Arrowhead) and another 10 hours on the road I am finally home.

I haven’t seen the game on record yet, and honestly don’t know how much of it was recorded due to the Jets delay which got top billing but here are my thoughts…


The Great

·         The win! All wins are great.


·         The new Arrowhead… Awesome! They did a great job with the stadium. They took nothing away that made it special (for those upset about the Ring of Honor it shows up enough to not miss it and is better than the old one) and added  a lot to make it better. Founders plaza is amazing and the new team store is great. There are all kinds of new amenities (even for us poor folks) and still plenty of toilets to not have to wait (the absolute worst thing about Invesco in Denver is how much of the game you miss trying to use the toilet during halftime).

·         Team speed…. Wow! It is very obvious that this team is the fastest Chief team I have ever seen.

·         The crowd…. Before the rain came, that was the loudest crowd I was ever at. The rain sent a lot of folks to the dry concourse to watch the game on the many HD TVs available there. My wife was a trooper and stayed out in the rain with me the whole game.


·         Big plays.. We basically won the game on 3 big plays (JC run, Dex return, DJ strip Carr return). We need big plays because the team will struggle.

The good

·         Cassel had the best pocket presence I have ever seen him have. Although I can only remember one completed pass (the TD), it stuck out for me every time he dropped back to pass how much better he looked.

·         Special team kicking/coverage was good. Dustin had one shank, but he was trying to pin the Chargers deep and it was raining pretty hard at that point. Other than that, there was nothing to complain about. Sproles was contained which I cannot say has happened much since he has been in SD.

·         DJ and Dorsey looked like the guys we thought we were getting when we drafted them. If this is consistent over the course of the season, that will be great. I loved Dorsey’s fire in the 4th. He looked like a leader out there. DJ was a tackling machine and caused the fumble that set the offense up on a short field. DJ was also the one flapping his arms trying to keep the crowd into it every time the Chargers took the field.


·         The D got it done when it had to. There were too many breakdowns in coverage, but that can be overlooked in a win and really overlooked when the D made big stops when it counted.

The bad

·         Offense as a whole. Outside of JC’s 56 yard run the offense gained a total of 141 yards (of which JC had 44 of those yards as well). We can let that slide on the win and blame it on the weather but Cassel averaged 2.7 yards per passing play which is ridiculous in any situation (or funny for those Cassel supporters who made fun of a certain RB that averaged 2.9 YPC and claimed it to be 2.7).

·         Tackling looked rough… I wont say more about that.



The ugly

·         Arrowhead cleaning service. The stadium was very clean, that is not my beef. Cleaning staff were trying to fatten their pockets selling trash bags to folks for $5 a pop. If one of my employees were selling my office supplies and pocketing the cash they would be fired on the spot. I don’t know how far the complaints went, but there didn’t seem to be anything going on with it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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