Kansas City Chiefs Franchise Changing Win

While I bask in the amazing win that our Chiefs just pulled off, I think about how remarkable this win truly is. We LOST time of possession 37:28 to 22:32. Fifteen minutes! Are you kidding me? Not only that we converted only 1-11 3rd downs. Going into the middle of the 3rd quarter, our Chiefs had only run 3 plays in Chargers territory.

Phillip Rivers threw for 298 yards and no picks. Our QB threw for 68 yards. So how in the world were the Chiefs able to pull off this remarkable win? And it is remarkable even though the excuses will flow that the Chargers always start slow or that Norv Turner is a bad coach (I've already seen these excuses).

Coach Haley made the statement at the last cutdown that they are expecting everyone to contribute. His faith was rewarded by the Rookies tonight. Think about this:

Tony Moeaki led Chiefs receivers with 3 catches and a TD.

Eric Berry second on the team in tackles with 5 and one assist. Even though he was beat by Gates on the TD and looked to be the guy who let Naanee get open for the big TD. He was hitting and wrapping up.

Kendrick Lewis made Rivers throw high to Floyd on the 3rd and goal which kept up in control.

Javier Arenas his punt returns and his defensive coverage were incredible.

Dexter McCluster sets a Chiefs record for longest Punt return (Do we need to say more?)

Second, Romeo Crennel was able to do what the past D coordinators haven't been able to do: He got our first round defensive talent to produce (DJ 11 tkls and 1 assist, Dorsey 4 tkls, 2 assists and 1/2 sack, Tyson Jackson 3 tkls and 3 assists)   

Third, Matt Cassell didn't make a mistake. Granted our play calling showed a lack of faith in Cassell, however he didn't fumble and he didn't through a pick. Plus his run near the goal line to get the first down was all about making a play.

Finally, our special teams was SPECIAL. If you can find one dynamic returner, it's considered amazing (see Dante Hall, Tammarick Vannover, Devin Hester, Darren Sproles, etc.) but what do you say about a team that has two? To all the Draftniks who thought we reached with Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster well I'd rather gamble with a Pioli reach than to settle for an overrated guy that has the "measurables".

We beat the San Diego Chargers not on the Strength of our run game (we only had 135 yards) or even super pressure from our D (we had 1 sack and gave up almost 300 yards passing) We beat them by winning the turnover battle and special teams. All that against the Chargers (who many of the experts think will be in the Super Bowl).

This game was a huge confidence builder but we have to build on it next week in Cleveland. We won one we weren't supposed to now we have to win the ones that people expect. This could be a fun year. My suggestion is just enjoy it, don't expect the same type of win next week but expect us to continue to grow as a team.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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