Monday Night Magic: Kansas City Chiefs Beat San Diego Chargers On A Last Second Goal Line Stand

Hello again, Kansas City Chiefs fans. You're back and you're loud again.

Through the television and radio, you could hear the Tomahawk Chop from the Arrowhead Stadium crowd pick up with less than a minute left in the game. The Chargers were driving, down by a touchdown. They quickly made it to the 4-yard line and the Kansas City Chiefs defense not only held the Chargers on a goal line stand but drove them back a couple of yards too. 

Turnover on downs. Chiefs win 21 to 14. What. A. Game.

The crowd at the New Arrowhead Stadium tonight against the San Diego Chargers could easily be written into the box score as causing four penalties. Joel tells me the noise was absolutely insane. I'm sure Chargers' QB Philip Rivers would agree, as evidenced by his pictures from the game.

The weather was also a major factor. There were lots of slips and a couple of fumbles because of the rain, in addition to a handful of dropped passes that probably would have been caught in a drier game. 

This was a great win tonight for the Chiefs and a desperately needed one at that. Joel is headed to the locker room now. Send your questions via Twitter to @ArrowheadPride.

Here are some notes. Much more coming tonight and tomorrow of course.  

  • Chiefs scoring: Jamaal Charles led the Kansas City Chiefs' to a quick 56-yard touchdown in the first quarter. After that, the Chiefs had a solid drive that resulted in a Matt Cassel to Tony Moeaki touchdown reception. 
  • Chargers scoring: In the first quarter, the Chargers quickly scored a TD on a pass from Philip Rivers to Antonio Gates. The Chargers' second TD was a big TD pass in the third quarter. 
  • Turnovers: Derrick Johnson stripped Chargers' RB Ryan Mathews in the first quarter. 
  • Big plays: In addition to Jamaal Charles' TD run, Dexter McCluster had a nasty 94-yard punt return for a touchdown. The Chargers also had a 59-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter. The Chiefs blew the coverage and San Diego took advantage. 
  • Total yards: 389 (Chargers) and 197 (Chiefs).
  • Chiefs' standouts: Derrick Johnson, Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson on defense. Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster on offense and special teams, respectively. 
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