The Chief's Enigma at QB

Matt Cassel is our QB. When will the Knowledge in his head CLICK with his On Field Experience? Now what the hell am I talking about, Click? Stay with me as we take the leap.

In my estimation the Chief's QB is in a position to have the experience of a lifetime. I really hope so, it would mean we fans of the KC Chiefs would have a fun season. Usually, and Matt is an unusual in this regard, the QB's take some time adjusting to the NFL game as they transition from college. Most often you hear about the speed of the game, read talent and skill levels of players. Then there is scheme, all the various reads that needs adjusting to as the play develops before the snap. Then the adjustments that need to be made after the snap, before the ball ever leaves the hands of the QB. Many QB's in the league still have trouble doing this after being in the league for awhile. Some excel in this.

Our QB is unusual in that his actual on field playing experience is non existent, comparable to every other QB in the league. Let me say that in another way. He didn't start any games in college. While he has been in the pro's for a few years now, 5 I think going on 6, he has only started 31 games. That is an equivalent to not having game experience in approximately 90 plus games in which his knowledge could be honed, both at the collegiate and pro level.

He was given a chance in the pro's because of how he threw the ball at the USC pro day and Pioli spotted this unknown winging the ball all over the place. He then was drafted and evidently met expectations as he remained on the roster of the Patriots. Learning about the pro game, but not having the opportunity to get on the field, as the QB in NE is well established. So he learned much about the game, but not playing left him untested. Then, his chance came against the team that later traded for him and the rest is history. He started and did well on a established team that had an incredible amount of veteran leadership in the locker room. Make no mistake that veteran leadership was huge in Matt going to a winning record that season.

So our Chiefs went and changed management which traded for this inexperienced QB who had shown that he had that something, that IT, so to speak. However, he has been unable to become super man all pro and take this team to the promised land of the playoffs in his first season as a Chief. He did get a full season in extreme circumstances in which he survived intact, which is a miracle in itself. Also a full season of playing experience.

So when will it CLICK, his playing experience catching up to his head knowledge. This year, our team made a big deal out of character, which breaks down into a stronger locker room of veteran leadership. TJ, Casey and Lidja brought in experience which will help Cassel on the field. as well as the locker room. Will it ever CLICK for Matty Ice? Or will the lack of playing time in the college and pro's leave us with a QB who could of been?

The answer to this enigma is not as yet known.The team, and we fans, are hoping that the CLICK happens sooner rather than later. In all honesty I think the light will go on this season, but when, is the what is causing all the angst in Chief's Nation. It would be huge for the team for it to happen on MNF. Expect Coach Charlie to put him on the frying pan and not coddle him at all. But expect Charlie to call plays that coincide with what Matty Ice does well.

Winning teams play to the strength of their players, and we all know that the bombs away tactics are not the strength of this QB. So expect short to medium passes which rely on the play makers getting yards after the catch. Expect some good ball handling in the backfield.  Hope for quicker reads and less sacks and INT's. Hope it goes CLICK. GO CHIEF'S!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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