Position Evaluation Responsibiltity

     Football season is around the corner and I for one can not wait.  I thought of something the AP community might be able to help each other with.  I was thinking for this season we could have individual members or committees of members, who could watch a specific position and give their analysis from week to week.  Football is detail oriented and a lot of it could be missed throughout a game.  Its hard to know how Brandon Flowers is preforming when the camera on the television is only on the offense and the front 7.  So, for example, I think the defensive back responsibilities should go to someone with season tickets and will be able to evaluate them better due to their respective perspectives.  I think this would help us with analysis throughout the season when we are discussing the pros and cons of the Chiefs.  I say position and not player because a lot of these guys won't see the field.  So the strong side linebacker guy/committee would evaluate both Vrabel and Studebaker.  Same goes for all positions like Cassel and Croyle.

     The reason I love AP is that we are able to delve into the nuances of the game and understand better where we are at.  Some of my favorite post are the play breakdowns of the offensive line by Bewsaf or the defensive break downs by guys like KaloPhoenix or TexasChief.   I don't think I'm qualified to justly evaluate a player, but maybe you played this position in high school or college and could add more depth to the discussion.  I'm willing to create a fanpost after every game and for that assigned person/committee to give their analysis and opinions for the player/position they are responsible for watching the entire game. 

     So after gameday we could have each person/committee give their opinions within a mini-blog of the player evaluation fanpost I could put up every week.  So I'll put my fanpost up with some general and obvious estimations about the game and the members responsible for their position could make a post about their respective player or players.  Maybe you have a DVR at home and could go through the whole game noticing a players strengths and weaknesses.  So I'm gonna list the positions out and feel free to claim them if your interested.  Also, I think we could have up to 3 people per position or a committee so we can get some differing perspectives.  And if this is something that doesn't interest AP let me know.



-Running Back {might be good to have a committee on this group}


-Split WR

-Flank WR

-Slot WR

-Tightends (both receiving and blocking) {might be good to have a committee on this group}

-Left Tackle

-Left Guard


-Right Guard

-Right Tackle

-Strong Side Defensive End

-Weak Side Defensive End

-Nose Tackle

-Weak Side Outside Linebacker

-Will Inside Linebacker

-Sam Inside Linebacker

-Strong Side Outside Linebacker

-Right Side Corner (ex. Carr)

-Left Side Corner (ex. Flowers)


- Strong Safety

-Free Safety

-Specialist (kicker, punter, long snapper, returner, and coverage units)

-Other (4th WR, dimeback, Wildcat QB, H-back)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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