A Cause for Concern


Philip-rivers_mediumPhilip Rivers has, over the last four seasons. become the Kansas City Chiefs biggest QB nemesis in the AFC West. In 8 games, Rivers has a combined 169 completions on 279 attempts for a 60.58 % completion percentage. Rivers has passed for 2011 yards with 13 TD's and 9 Interceptions against our Chiefs in his NFL career. In nearly every game he has participated in vs the Chiefs he has had at least one 30 yard plus+ pass. A 6-2 record vs the Chiefs is a cause for concern come Monday night Sept 13 at Arrowhead in the Chiefs 2010 season opener. Yet the 2010 Chargers are not the past versions. LaDainian Tomlinson (LT) is gone. Vincent Jackson is suspended. Marcus McNeil is in holdout mode, with Brandyn Dombrowski holding down the LT spot in his absence. Antonio Gates remains a weapon and the new Chargers RB Ryan Mathews is expected  to surpass the production in 2009 of LT. Kansas States' own Darren Sproles will be a thorn in the return game and a target for Rivers in the passing game. Some more info after the jump.


Philip Rivers shines on Monday Night Football.

In his first four Monday Night games, Rivers has posted a perfect 4-0 record while completing a staggering 70.1 percent of his passes and thrown six touchdowns to just two interceptions. 

“I certainly enjoy it,” Rivers said of MNF.  “I don’t think it’s necessarily why I’ve played well on Monday Night.  You grow up watching Monday Night Football. It’s certainly exciting to get to be a part of it.” 

Philip Rivers 5-0 on Monday Night Football, yet maybe it doesn't matter what Night it is.

2009 Night Games

32 24 252 1 1 94.8  Oakland Win
34 21 254 3 0 114.1 Pittsburgh Loss
29 20 274 1 0 110.4 Denver Loss
26 21 264 2 0 134.6 Tennessee Win

2008 Night Games

New York Jets Win
New England Patriots Win
Indianapolis Colts Loss
Oakland Raiders Win
Denver Broncos Win
Indianapolis Colts Win

This 2008 team is the Chargers team that finished an overall 9-9 on the season. San Diego 24 Chiefs 17 Kansas City 30 Chargers 27 San Diego 20 Chiefs 9 Kansas City 30 Chargers 16 San Diego 24 Chiefs 10 San Diego 20 Chiefs 19 San Diego 22 Chiefs 21 San Diego 37 Chiefs 7 San Diego 43 Chiefs 14

Philip Rivers SDG 05 08 033 1 0 13
Philip Rivers SDG 25 43 266 2 1 37
Philip Rivers SDG 08 23 097 0 2 46 
Philip Rivers SDG 21 42 211 0 2 39
Philip Rivers SDG 10 21 157 1 1 40
Philip Rivers SDG 27 36 316 2 2 31
Philip Rivers SDG 34 48 346 2 1 42
Philip Rivers SDG 18 30 268 3 0 58
Philip Rivers SDG 21 28 317 2 0 53

I wish I could do those fancy graph/tables.The stats are fairly easy to read :

Completions Attempts Yards Touchdowns Interceptions Longest pass

Damn, I see those long passes 46, 39, 40, 31, 42, 58, and 53, that is a drive all by itself. What possibly can the Chiefs do to slow Rivers down from yet another torching? AJ Smith is giving us a hand by taking away weapons and protection from Philip Rivers.

The Chiefs 2010 Draft obviously was an attempt to beat the best that the AFC West has to offer. Eric BerryJavier Arenas, and Kendrick Lewis were all secondary picks to negate the Big plays by Philip Rivers. Defeating the Chargers used to be less about Beating Rivers, not anymore. The Chargers have to rely on their passing game to win now. The Chiefs hope to have solved the Rivers question. We will be watching :)


Geaux Chiefs

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