Chiefs Roll Out The Red Carpet For Bewsaf (humor)


Saturday afternoon the Kansas City Chiefs hosted their first annual family fun day in St. Joseph Missouri.

This was a time for the Chiefs players to show fans the many improvements they have made and for the Chiefs organization to welcome one of the new up and coming members of the Chiefs blogosfere to training camp, Bewsaf.

Bewsaf:  (yelling from sideline)  Mr. Pioli!...(pause)...Mr. Pioli!...(pause).  Can you tell me a little about the progress you are making with the organization since taking it over?  (pause)

Bewsaf:  (turns to friend)  You think he heard me?

Bewsaf:  Mr. Pioli! (pause)  Mr. Pioli!  (pause)  Thank you for your time, sir.

Bewsaf:  (turns to friend)...It seemed like his mind was somewhere else didn't it.

Even though the interview with Mr. Pioli did not go as well as expected.  I was still excited about the upcoming day because my next interview was with Brian Waters.



Bewsaf:  (yelling)  Mr. Waters!  Mr. Waters! 


Bewsaf:  Hello sir.  What do you think of my Chiefs helmet with the autographed "Bewsaf" signature on the side?


Bewsaf:  Pretty nifty, huh?


Brian Waters:  (silence)


Bewsaf:  Do you think maybe the offensive lineman could each have one of these on during the game?



Brian Waters:  (turns head and looks Bewsaf in the eyes)


Bewsaf:  Yes.  Uh.  Hello sir.  I am a blogger named Bewsaf and I post articles on Arrowhead Pride...uh...maybe you've read some of my work...uh...


Brian Waters: (makes snarl and walks away)


Bewsaf:  (turns to friend)  Uhh...If I didn't know'd think he was going to kick my ass.


Although I kept kicking myself for not asking some tougher questions in the first interview with Mr. Waters, I did get another chance.



Bewsaf:  (yelling)  Hello!  Mr. Waters!


Brian Waters:  (looks in Bewsaf's direction)


Bewsaf:  Uhh.  Yes.  Mr. Waters.  Uhh, Bewsaf again.  I was  wondering if you think the offensive line is jelling during camp?  There are a few new pieces in the mix.


Brian Waters:  (Continues to stare in Bewsaf's direction)


Bewsaf:  (yells a little louder)  Uhh.  Yes sir.  My name is Bewsaf and I realize that last year the offensive line was much maligned but actually had gotten it together by the last 3 games of the season.  Do you think the additions of McCluster and Moeaki will help take a little pressure off the offensive line?


Entire Team:  (turns away and puts head to ground)

Bewsaf:  (turns to friend)  Son-of-a...  I think they've been told not to talk to me.  How are we going to get information to the fans if Bewsaf isn't allowed access to the players?  I think we need to file a grievance. 


Bewsaf:  Mr. Waters!


Bewsaf:  Mr. Waters!


Bewsaf:  Could you at least show me where Goff ended up most of the time after a defensive rush...



Brian Waters:  (takes position on back)


Bewsaf:  Thank you, sir.







Well, things didn't go as planned as far as talking to the players.  But I did have a fun day at the Chiefs training camp.  Thanks to all the players that actually did speak to me.  And thank you Brian Waters for being a good sport.

I will be grading the offensive game film again this year and providing you with a little more insight into the performances of the Chiefs offensive lineman.  So look out for the offensive lineman "primer" I will be putting out before the first game.



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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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