K.C. Media Get Real

I must confess that I have been a frequent, no, a habitual visitor to Arrowhead Pride since I happily discovered it a couple of years ago. Being a Chiefs fan is my misery and my joy. I have been entertained by countless post and comments on this excellent website but I never really felt compelled to join the discussion.

That ended this past Thursday.

My desire to be heard began to fester in the wake of this "practice gate" fiasco. I can’t count the number of local based (Kansas City) newspaper columns, news stories, radio programs, and television interviews I have digested in the past decade but it is fair to say it was way more then I needed. And to be honest, far more then I should have put up with.

It seems to me that the local media, whether it be newsprint, television or radio always infuse personal animosity towards the regime in charge. There was always an undercurrent of negativity even in articles and interviews intended to be mostly positive.

They would slip in a "King Carl" reference to express their hatred of Carl Peterson. They didn’t despise him because he failed to win in the playoffs (Chief fans despised him for that) they dug at him every chance they got because they felt he treated the press (them) wrong, maybe he thought he was better than them.

Now Pioli has become "Egoli" and Haley is mean and deceitful. That’s the way the local press feels. I don’t want to listen to, or read of their personal hard feelings. I get the feeling from reading comments on this site as well as other sites that many Chiefs fans feel the same way that I do.

We are getting fed our daily dose Chiefs news from several sources and we are shutting out all the secondary, unnecessary bull crap. The middle man is obsolete. Come from where it may, if you talk Chiefs, if you talk honest, if you talk real , we will listen. What ultimately drove me to give my two cents was Soren Petro’s disrespectful (to a franchise he takes $$$$ from) commentary on "The Program" 8/5/10.

In his defense of Adam Teicher’s embarrassing line of questions at Todd Haley’s daily presser, Petro began with the lack of access argument. Then came the First Amendment argument which I’m all for but I am not sure it applies here. Then he went into the argument that if he (or Teicher for that matter) cannot talk to players, then we fans "will not get any Chiefs coverage". (By the way his show usually has a great deal of Chiefs content, so lack of access has not stopped him from talking Chiefs! )

Then he became very angry. He belittled the Franchise by trying to figure out the playoff record (3-9 since 1990) and then tried to link that record of failure to fact that the local press does not have access to the quarterback but once a week. Then this bomb came out of his festering gob, The Chiefs are "one of the, let’s be honest, turd franchises in the history of professional athletics".

Well another, one of the last remaining, local media sources bite the dust for me. I am sure glad I found Arrowhead Pride.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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