Chiefs Upcoming Opponent - Packers Tendencies

GREEN BAY - AUGUST 14: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers passes during the NFL preseason game against the Cleveland Browns at Lambeau Field August 14 2010 in Green Bay Wisconsin. (Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images)

Every team in the NFL has strengths and weaknesses, tendencies, and go-to guys.  They have plays they like to call during tight situations or directions they like to run when in the middle of the field.

This post will attempt to provide information on the upcoming opponents tendencies when running or passing the ball.  Where does the opponent like to pass the ball?  Short left, long right, long to the middle of the field?

Let's find out how the Packers tendencies match up with Kansas Cities Strengths and weaknesses.

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Packer Rushing Offense

Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Up the Middle Right Guard Right Tackle Right End
Plays: 17 Plays: 18 Plays: 5 Plays: 14 Plays: 9 Plays: 15 Plays: 19
NFL Rank: 1 NFL Rank: 1 NFL Rank: 9 NFL Rank: 14 NFL Rank: 6 NFL Rank: 2 NFL Rank: 1
Avg Gain: 4.29 Avg Gain: 5.33 Avg Gain: 3.40 Avg Gain: 2.93 Avg Gain: 5.00 Avg Gain: 3.33 Avg Gain: 2.79
NFL Rank: 14 NFL Rank: 9 NFL Rank: 10 NFL Rank: 24 NFL Rank: 6 NFL Rank: 19 NFL Rank: 21

Packers Rushing Notes:

  • According to the stats above, the Packers like to run toward the tackles and ends.
  • Most of the Packers success running the ball has been off the left side of the formation:  4 to 5 yards a carry.  That means the Chiefs like Hali and Dorsey may see a lot of action in the first couple of series.  That might be a good thing because the Chiefs have only given up 2.75 yards per carry (6th in the NFL) on that side of the defense.  Looks like a strength against strength match up.
  • The Chiefs have given up 5.58 yards per carry when the opponent runs the ball at the left side of the defense.  That's might not be good since the Packers like to run the ball off tackle and off end to both sides.
  • Look for the Packers to attack the middle and left side of the Chiefs defense when running the ball.  The Chiefs are 26th in the NFL (preseason) when the offense runs the ball at the offensive right guard.

Packer Passing Offense


Plays: 06

Avg Gain: 5.6

NFL Rank: 23rd

Plays: 07

Avg Gain: 16.7

NFL Rank: 9th

Plays: 05

Avg Gain: 9.6

NFL Rank: 16th

Plays: 26

Avg Gain: 6.2

NFL Rank: 11th

Plays: 24

Avg Gain: 9.5

NFL Rank: 3rd

Plays: 44

Avg Gain: 6.2

NFL Rank: 9th

Eagles Passing Zone Frequency Chart


Packers Passing Notes:

  • The Packers appear, based on the stats above, to love the short game.  They are 3rd in the NFL when they pass it over the middle.  They have passed the ball short right a whopping (that's technical talk) 44 times.
  • The Packers don't have one tendency over another when throwing it deep.  Although they are more successful over the middle.
  • Previous teams have like attacking the Chiefs in the short left zone.  Opponents have went short left on the Chiefs 34 times.
  • Look for the Packers to continue the trend of attacking the Chiefs short when passing the ball.




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