The 53

There may be some waiver claims that will bring some new guys into the equation, but just using our guys, and assuming that both Leggett and Sheffield are OK and don't go on IR, here we go. 

QB: Cassell, Croyle, Palko- Think we might see some waiver wire potential here at the #3 position
RB: Charles, Jones, Battle- Battle's made the team, and due to DMC being used as a runner, they'll only carry 3
FB: Castille- This is close between Castille and Cox.  Due to Battle's being a big back who is most similar to Castille, it might help Cox
TE- Pope, Moeaki, O'Connell- Moeaki's quiet pre season was disappointing.  Pope will start by default at 1st.
OT- Albert, Richardson, O'Callaghan, Ndukwe- I think Richardson won the starting job.  Colin Brown likely goes to Practice squad to develop further.  There could be a waiver pickup here.
OG- Waters, Lilja, Asamoah- Ndukwe's, and Rudy's versatility allows them to carry 3
C- Wiegmann, Niswanger- Very close, but I think Rudy's ability to play guard actually help Weigman be the starter and Rudy the backup.  Could get a waiver pickup that changes things
WR- Bowe, Chambers, DMC, Horne, Copper, Lawrence- This is very tough.  Urban could make it and be as high as #4, and either Lawrence or Copper don't .  The last 3 are all special teams guys and that might sway it.

DE- Dorsey, Jackson, Gilberry, Smith, Magee- Magee might have saved his job last night.  Played very well.  Love the different skill sets here.
NT- Edwards, Lokey- Disappointed Smith really never got a look there.  Could also be a waiver/trade pickup here.  Weakest spot on roster.  Gales might be kept as a NT/DE swing guy, but Smith seems to fill that.
OLB- Hali, Studebaker, Vr abel, Sheffield, Walters- Studebaker SHOULD start.
ILB- Williams, Belcher, DJ, Mays  - All top 4 will play, and Vrabel might play alot here also, where his lack of speed isn't as much an issue. Herron on the bubble, but specials could save him.
CB- Flowers, Carr, Arenas, Leggett, Daniels- Depending on Leggett's availability early, could be one more, but Washington's versatility might make that unnecessary.
S- Berry, Lewis, Washington, McGraw - Washington was a revelation in pre season.  All over the place in regular play and specials. Lewis SHOULD start.  Langford on the bubble.  Morgan gone, Jarrad who?? 

LS- Gafford
K- Succop
P- Colquitt

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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