Bewsaf Is Moving On UP (humor & thanks)



If you haven't heard, Joel and Chris Thorman have extended an invitation to Bewsaf offering him a "contributors spot" on Arrowhead Pride.  So I packed up my stuff, grabbed my honey, and moved to the deluxe apartment in the sky.

I'd like to thank all the little people (like my mom and dad) who have toiled to help me succeed all these years and now will be left behind so I can live it large.


I promise that I will not let all this go to my head and remember to give back to those who have supported my posts during this past year.

Well, maybe I'll give back after I get me some bling.

To celebrate my honey and I went out last night and bought me some new threads, some bling, and a nice walking stick.  My posse says that if I am going to be a celebrity I need to walk the walk (so I'm working on that).

Reflecting back, I think it was the great interview with Brian Waters that put me over the top.  Thanks Brian (I can talk to you now, right?) 

Brian and I bonded that day.  He probably put in a good word for me.

Pic Source



I am probably going to have a lot of these hanging around me all the time.  Well, maybe not these (these are all I could find).  You know..the real ones.  The groupies.

They hang all over you and rub on you.  But I'm not going to change.  I'll remember my friends, my'm going to have lots of groupies aren't I? 

Now, since I'm big time I will probably be smoozing with the big boys.  If I ever need to write a letter to Mr. Hunt again I'll just give it to him when I go over to his house to have a drink.  Maybe he'll still have that dead hamster.                      Pick Source

Oh, and Whitlock and his 2.1 million can bite me.  I'm going to pull down the fricken money tree, baby.



I'm going to munch me some fried food (with my groupies) till I can't do my job and then bail on them for greener pastures.  Yea baby!

Wait a second....that's the phone...

Bewsaf:  Hello?

Bewsaf:  Hey Joel.  Hows my man.  We down with this new thing...(Pause) know the writing...(pause)...yea, yea, you get it

Pic Source

Bewsaf:  What?

Bewsaf:  (whispering in a lower, worried voice) hey, I don't know if I can return all this stuff I got, man.  How much do I make?

Bewsaf:  Is that number you just gave me in front of the decimal or behind it?  Behind it!

Bewsaf:  Yea, that's cool man.  No...No...I didn't think anything other than that.  No, I,m ok.  It's just those loan sharks man.  Yea, I'll be ok. (Bewsaf hangs up)


Well, I am still the new "contributor" on AP.  And in all seriousness I would like to say "thank you" to all the great people that have said many nice words about my posts and encouraged me to keep writing.

I love the people at AP and where else can you have fun with Waters, dig on Whitlock, and write frustration letters to Mr. Hunt.

This place rocks. 

Sometime this week I will update my Bewsaf bio to let you know a little bit more about the writer behind the Bewsaf name.


p.s. Oh, I found an old Chiefs Application for Employment  if you would like to apply for Todd Haley's team.  Enjoy.




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