Does the Kansas City Chiefs defensive line lack nastiness?

Maybe a little nastiness here, maybe not?



One thing I know alot of people here on Arrowhead Pride love is defense. Anything defense, talking defense, breathing defense, 3-4 defense, 4-3 defense, Nickel defense, defensive line, secondary, and linebackers, the folks here at AP come out when people mention defense. Many of you are way more schooled in defensive tactics, schemes and assignments, than myself, and while I try to learn through your posts and appreciate everyone of them, I think we are missing one ingredient that seldom gets mentioned: Nastiness of the defensive line!

We all know the jury is still out on a few of our guys such as Glenn Dorsey, Alex Magee, Ron Edwards (maybe not so much), and just recently more people are talking about Tyson Jackson. While I still won't look into the notion of Wallace Gilberry taking the job from T-Jax just yet, I find it interesting that Coach Haley is openly talking about it and hope that maybe Tyson can get pushed from Gilberry and only improve this squad even more. I mean even in this camp reports were coming out that Tyson Jackson lacked motivation. Regardless of where the source of debate comes from when talking about this problem, Bill Maas in this instance, there is one thing he says that is particulary disturbing to me:

"Tyson Jackson's problem right now, where he stands right now, I know this is how the Chiefs feel about him right now -- Tyson Jackson is lazy. They have to get Tyson Jackson excited to do everything. When you have to get a defensive player excited to play defense, that can be big trouble."

From what I saw during the games last year I don't know if its laziness or what, but I do know that post linked above was highly commented in and discussed in length so I'm not trying to start that discussion but present a new one. Are we really a team that does not have a nasty defense line?

How many times are we going to see our defensive lineman trying to get the crowd involved at Arrowhead? I'm sure we will see Eric Berry, and Brandon Flowers, and maybe a few of the linebackers waving their arms up trying to pump up the fans, but do you see that coming from Glenn Dorsey? Ron Edwards? Alex Magee? I'm sorry but I just don't for some reason. I want to see these guys get fired up, I want to see them smashing running backs and blowing up opposing lineman. I want us to be able to give our first round defensive line a menacing nickname.

While my feelings on Alex Magee are pretty well known around here, I'm not ready to call Glenn Dorsey a bust. I know Ron Edwards is serviceable and will take alot of snaps this year. Still though we have Shaun Smith, Dion Gales, Derek Lokey and Wallace Gilberry out there fighting, but are any of them nasty enough to get the job done? Its pretty sad that with this many first round draft picks and players that are coming in the only one that is technically a backup that intrigues me is Wallace Gilberry who first came into the league as an Undrafted Free Agent with the New York Giants.

Overall I think we have just gotten by with serviceable lineman, but there is going to be a time when serviceable just isn't going to cut it, and quite frankly I'm tired of seeing just serviceable, just enough to get by until the next game. If we plan on being a great team, a dynasty that re-writes the history books in Kansas City, which I think for the most part the coaching staff and front office is getting there in Coach Crennel, Coach Weis, and Scott Pioli, we have to have more from these guys up front. We have to demand it from them, no more freebies, no more "well that guy from Cleveland ran all over us because such and such was missing. We as a team have invested multiple top selections on these guys and they to me just are not nasty enough. But I hope all that can change and there is one person whom I hope these guys listen to and he is Anthony Pleasant.

Anthony Pleasant

It was during his tenure as a player with the Jets that Pleasant began his association with current Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, who served as the team’s defensive line coach. He finished his career with 598 tackles (407 solo), 58.0 sacks (-345.5 yards), two INTs, 13 forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

He is one of just five active NFL assistant coaches to own 200 or more games of playing experience.

Not much has been said about Pleasant this offseason but the man is a two time Superbowl Champion, with pretty good numbers. He has the experience not only with Coach Crennel but the actual gametime experience, logging 14 years in the NFL and playing in over 200 games. Pleasant's numbers as a player are just a tad bit better than former defensive line coach Tim Krumrie who finished with 34.5 sacks, 13 fumble recoveries, and played in 188 games.

I hope that Anthony Pleasant really isn't that pleasant with these guys. Work them hard, get rid of this so called "laziness", dismiss all these rumors of people being a bust and make this line mean, nasty, and hungry. Opposing Quarterbacks should hate landing at KCI, and fear that bus ride to Arrowhead. Walking through that tunnel they should be shaking in their cleats knowing they are going up against our first round defensive line, one that is no longer considered a bust, or lazy just filled with pure hatred toward them. Arrowhead would feed off that energy and give it right back to the Chiefs on the field.

Overall I don't know what its going to take, maybe it will be Coach Crennel, maybe Coach Pleasant, maybe the judo Master they have brought in, maybe we need to just scrap them all and start over, but just think about how nice it would be to have a nickname for our defensive line, how nice it would be to see a nasty group of beasts out there controlling the trenches, smashing Runningbacks and Quaterbacks alike. Seeing them line up with bloodied knuckles and dirty jerseys, waiting to eat the next guy. So far this preseason we haven't taken one opposing QB to the ground, not one starter, not one second stringer, not one third stringer. We all know the sack problems of the past, and while we are improving as a team as a whole, getting this defensive line a little more nasty would be a good thing.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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