My Two Cents

Since the preseason has started, this website has been a swirl of opinions. Some have been positive and some negative. That's a good thing because any good argument needs a healthy balance. Some say the preseason means nothing and others say it means a whole lot....

I tend to feel that outside of roster battles at the bottom and getting rhythm on offense, the preseason doesn't mean much. When Flowers gave up that TD reception the other night, it didn't phase me in the least. Brandon Flowers is a terrific player, and even as good as he is, things like that will happen. On the flip side, I'm not freaking out positively about Jeremy Horne. I hope he works out, but who's preseason. The gameplans are very vanilla and so are the defensive coverages in many instances. Half the guys we see on the field in the 2nd half will be selling insurance in a month. I can't get to worked up over these games. How we looked in the first quarter in Atlanta has no bearing on September 13th. 

Lets be honest, our Chiefs are not a Super Bowl contender yet. They probably aren't even a playoff contender yet. They still need pieces and still need time. We're watching a young and talented team mold itself through the eyes of it's coaching staff. As the organization likes to say, it's a process.

People on here seem to go catatonic when our boys give up a 8 yard run or Cassel overthrows somebody. I won't even get into the Cassel debate on this post. Why? Because nobody truly knows, and so I'll keep my opinion to myself, I don't feel like being yelled at by half the site. I find it interesting though how we seem to forget what this team looked like this time last year...

Who remembers the 700+ pounds lost or Devard Darling as a starter? How about LJ and his antics, or Mike Brown? Maybe you've forgotten Damion McIntosh or Wade Smith? Does anybody remember two years ago when four different QB's played in week two against Oakland at home, as we ran the option and Oakland rushed for over 300 yards? Or maybe you'll remember Ashley Lelie, Zach Thomas, Amani Toomer or Bobby Engram?

My point is that while this team has miles to travel, they can already look back at the pavement behind them. Be honest with yourself, would any of those players make the team this season? No, because the Chiefs are improving. If Pioli brings in a player and he's better than our worst player at that position, its a great signing. If you do that long enough, you have a great team. Now, Pioli has only been here for a year, and look at the amount of talent he has brought in. Chambers, Cassel, O'Callaghan, Lilja, Berry, McCluster, Arenas, possibly Kendrick Lewis, and don't forget Jones. Not to mention the coaching staff.

Whether you think Cassel is the answer or not is your personal call and I respect it. Whether you like Haley or not is also your opinion and as a fellow fan I respect it. So ladies and gentlemen, lets drop some of the venom that has been on this site lately. Remember that we're all on the same side, winning or losing.

So come back inside off that ledge, because while there is plenty of road ahead of us, we can all look back and see some much rockier pavement behind us.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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