Chiefs Preseason: Ground Game Scouting Recap vs Bucs


Preseason Week #2



Chiefs-icon_mediumIf you have been watching football very long you already understand there are a myriad of things that influence how successful a team is in the run game.  How well the offensive lineman perform that day, how good the defenders are that line up across from the o-line, the plays that are called, the formations used, the sequence of plays, the rhythm of the play calling, etc.

This post may be (depending on the need) one in a series that will attempt to bring the more tactical fan a look back at the different formations used during the first half of the Chiefs previous game.  How successful was each formation?  Did the Chiefs like to run strong or weak?

What were the Chiefs looking at during halftime?

Lets take a look... 

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Chiefs Ground Game Halftime Report:

  • When the Chiefs ran the ball, 93% of the time the formation had a TE.
  • 57% of the time the Chiefs ran to the strong side (TE side) and 43% of the time they ran to the weak side (away from TE side).
  • When the formation had a fullback, the Chiefs ran the ball 86% of the time toward the fullback.
  • The Chiefs are pulling their guards a lot more this year.
  • Thomas Jones ran the ball more in formations with fullbacks in the Tampa game while Jamaal Charles ran the ball more in formations with no fullback.
  • The Chiefs had a couple of shifts in their formation prior to the snap against Tampa.  Something they did not do with much frequency last year until mid-season.
                                                               PLAY CHART
Run Plays Draw Plays Base/Zone Plays Pulling Lineman
Weak Strong Weak Strong Weak Strong Weak Strong
6 8 2
Yards Yards Yards Yards Yards Yards Yards Yards
0 18
2.0 avg
5.0 avg
3.0 avg
1.5 avg
3.0 avg
5.5 avg
0.0 avg
6.0 avg

Play Chart Notes:

  • All "strong" designations in this post mean toward the tight end side of the formation. 
  • Thomas Jones ran all three plays that involved a pulling lineman.


Formation Frequency
Pro Weak: 4 plays
Pro Strong: 6 plays
Run Weak: 3
Run Strong: 0
Run Weak: 1
Run Strong: 4



Pro Weak

Pro Strong

Plays wk: 3
Plays str: 0

Plays wk:1 Plays str: 4
Avg Gain: 3.0 Avg Gain: 0.00
Avg Gain: -1.0 Avg Gain: 6.5

Formation Notes:

  • Most of the Chiefs run plays come from the Pro formation.
  • In the Bucs game the Chiefs tended to run toward the fullback side.
  • Jones ran the ball 5 out of the 7 times from the Pro formations.


Formation Frequency
Gun Doubles: 4 plays
Ace Doubles: 8 plays
Run Weak: 0
Run Strong: 1
Run Weak: 0
Run Strong: 2



Gun Doubles

Gun Spread

Play wk:0
Play str: 1

Play wk: 0
Play str: 2
Avg Gain: 0.00 Avg Gain: 0.00
Avg Gain: 0.00 Avg Gain 1.5

Formation Notes:

  • The Chiefs liked using the extra blocker in the Ace & Gun Doubles formation by running to the tight end side of the formation.
  • Jones ran the ball all 2 times in the Ace Doubles formation while Jamaal runs the ball the lone time in the gun doubles formation.


Formations not shown:

  • Two formations are not shown above that were ran once out of at the end of the half in hurry up:  Gun Trey & Gun Doubles Open.  Charles got both carries.




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