Why the Kansas City Chiefs WILL Win the AFC West in 2010

Alright why everyone is eager to drink the Kool-Aid and toss around their predictions for the upcoming 2010 NFL Campaign, I'll step to the 50 yard line and give you the inside scoop from inside my head.  Here we go ChiefsatWar style, I runnin' this:

Our Kansas City Chiefs face off against San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, and the Oakland Raiders on the following weeks:

Week #1 (9/13/2010) vs. San Diego Chargers:  The Chargers have a tendency to start off slow, however the San Diego Chargers are 18 (wins) and (13) losses all-time on Monday night football.  The Charges will be playing without Vincent Jackson in a new, extremely loud Arrowhead Stadium.  The emotional Phillip Rivers will not be able to audible effectively with the Arrowhead crowd noise, and the Romeo Crennel 3-4 Defensive Scheme with the additions of Eric Berry, Kendrick Lewis, and Javier Arenas will keep the Charger's air attack at bay.  The San Diego Chargers will be forced to rush more often then not, which will force the San Diego scoring opportunities down.  Ryan Succop will provide the extra push to win this game if it is tight.  Kansas City 31, San Diego Chargers 27.

Week #9 (11/07/2010) @ Oakland Raiders:  The Raiders will be ready for their bye week, which is Week #10 this year.  They are predicted to be a team on the rise with the addition of Jason Campbell, however our secondary will be in sync by the start of the second half of the season.  Our defensive front seven will have bring various defensive packages, which will slow the Oakland Raiders backfield.  This game will be won with clock management and ball controll.  The offensive attack will be short throws to the slot and power rushing.  Thomas Jones will be a difference maker in this game by pounding the rock and converting 3rd downs.  Oakland Raiders 17, Kansas City Chiefs 21.

Week #10 (11/14/2010) @ Denver Broncos:   The Broncos are notorious for losing the second-half of the season, and so far they are experiencing injuries to their backfield - Kolby Smith is taking a majority of their 1st team snaps.  And believe it or not, they have a quarterback controversy.  Tim Teebow is Josh McDaniels' and the fans' favorite, however the franchise continues stating the Kyle Orton is their #1 QB.  This will be the toughest game of the year against our AFC West opponents because Denver will be coming off a bye week and we will be playing them at Invesco Field at Mile High (a stupid waste of metal shaped like a diaphram).  The Kansas City Chiefs must limit the Broncos possessions and stop their rushing attack.  I think this will be an overtime game that will be decided by a coin flip (Kansas City will receive the kick!) and Succop will prove once again to be Mr. Relevant.  Denver Broncos 14, Kansas City Chiefs 17.

Week #13 (12/05/2010) vs. Denver Broncos:  Once again, the Broncos are a second-half of the season, self-destructing team.  The Broncos will be coming off a tough loss to the Saint Louis Rams, because the overlooked the Rams in preparation for their fate at Arrowhead Stadium.  The pass rush of Javier Arenas, Tamba Hali, and Jovan Belcher will be hard to prepare.  Brandon Albert and our offensive line will be in full stride.  Chris Chambers, Dexter McCluster, and Dwayne Bowe will have huge days torching the exhausted secondary of the Broncos.  Jamaal Charles will remind the Denver Broncos of January 2010 by rushing for 187-yards and adding an additional 67-yards receiving.  Kansas City 38, Denver Broncos 27.

Week #14 (12/12/2010) @ San Diego Chargers:  This will be when San Diego Chargers are at their best, but so will the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Chiefs will be coming off an emotional sweep of the Denver Broncos, while the Chargers will be coming off a tough win over the Oakland Raiders.  Fatigue will be a factor for rookie running back Ryan Mathews, but the Charges will be wanting to keep their playoff hopes alive and redeem themselves from their season opening loss to our Kansas City Chiefs.  If the Kansas City Chiefs lose against one of our AFC West opponents, I believe it'll be Week #10 at the Denver Broncos or Week #14 at San Diego.  San Diego 30, Kansas City 24.

Week #17 (1/2/2010) vs. Oakland Raiders:  This will be a must win game against the Oakland Raiders, and Todd Haley will let Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel pull all-stops to accomplish this win for our first playoff berth since 2004.  This will be a record setting day for Dexter McCluster who will make Tom Cable so mad he'll punch his defensive cordinator.  Look for Brodie Croyle to even get a touchdown pass.  Jason Campbell will likely be injured by this point in the season because of a decaying defensive line.  Kansas City 47, Oakland Raiders 27.

There you have it Chiefs fans from the eyes of ChiefsatWar.  We are on the War Path headed for the playoffs in 2010.  Yeah I said it!!!  Actions will speak louder than words this year and the 'Right 53" will accomplish what most analysist predicted to be impossible.  Only 42-days, 2-hours, and 17-minutes until we can prove to San Diego that we are kickass now and takin' names later...Lets do this!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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