Hey Jarrad Page, how did it feel?



Hey Jarrad did you enjoy your weekend? Did you anxiously sit by your flat screen last night waiting for the debut of Tim Tebow? Did you go to the corner store and buy a few beers and invite your brother over to watch the preseason games this weekend?

Maybe you are missing something here Jarrad Page, but yeah what you saw this weekend was the NFL playing their preseason games. See the NFL isn't going to stop and wait for you. The teams are moving on, all the losers and winners from this weekend are churning on, they are already back to practice. The players have already iced their injuries, and dissected the film. The coaches are making changes and re-evaluating each and every snap.

Now I know deep down inside of you there had to be that little itch, a little yearning to have been out there on the field. Regardless of how you feel about the Chiefs, my guess is that just seeing these games this weekend made you want to be out there, any athlete that has played the game, practiced in the heat, and finally got a chance to hit someone with a different helmet on wants to be out there.

Maybe you spent your weekend looking for a new job. Did you try Costco? I'm sure McGraw probably gave you a nice reference didn't he? No wait he was to busy practicing, he was to busy studying Crennel's playbook, he was to busy working with Brandon Flowers, Eric Berry, Kendrick Lewis, and Brandon Carr. Jon McGraw couldn't give you a reference because he was busy in Atlanta playing the Falcons, a game I'm sure you probably turned on and watched a little of right?

So Jarrad Page how did it feel? How did it feel to sit at home like the millions of fans across this great county and see the game from our perspective? Did it feel good relaxing on the couch? I know you probably didn't have your buddy Shawne Merriman around. That is right, he signed his tender last weekend. Just in case you didn't know what he said, here let me blockquote it for you real fast:

"I didn't accomplish anything at all," Merriman said. "I always knew that I was wanted here, which was one of the biggest reasons for getting things sorted out. You hate to deal with the whole business part of it, but I'm so glad it's behind me and I can go out and play."

"Everybody's on the trading block," Merriman said. "It was more a question of it being talked about so much. This team has bigger fish to fry, and that's playing the Kansas City Chiefs in a month. At no point in time did I want conversation about my future to be above the team, and at some points [last season] it got there. That's what I wanted to stay away from."

See there Jarrad Page, he is back on track. He is in camp preparing to play against us. He knows it didn't accomplish anything, and is back out there on the field where he belongs. So why don't you just book a flight to Kansas City, set up a meeting with Scott Pioli and sign your tender? You know this team is on the upswing, you know that the AFC West is wide open this year and anything can happen. You know that if you would just sign you tender and get into camp you would make this Secondary alot better right?

Unless you want to sit at home all year and watch the games just like us. Hey you know what Jarrad, if you are planning to just become a spectator and are truly done with football, if your ever in Oklahoma hit me up. I have the NFL package on my satellite and we can sit around, do a little grilling, drink a few cold ones, and watch the game. Only one stipulation though my flat screen doesn't leave the Chiefs on Sunday.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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