Just 1 Pre-season game

I have been very quite over the past few months, but I still check in everyday. Been getting ready for my last year of high school football and been battling this little heart problem. But lets get to the point.......

There has only been 1 pre-season game and i have been reading to much stuff about the Chiefs saying they look to be the same team from last year are the are no improvements. O yes and are only strong points are DMC & JC.

 Well im let you know what my thought are.

1. Did you guys see are D-line I mean yes it was not the best start but for the most part they was getting the job done. I overheard someone say the linemen have the gaps filled but it was the lack of the LB to make the tackle.

2. Mr.Matt R was all over the pocket I mean looks like every play we had him running around trying to avoid and avoiding the sack. Let me remind you that Romeo was not bring everything he was just messing around with a few plays trying to see how the players look.

3. I wish are starting MLB will be DJ and Mays, I am very high on Jaavon but I think the 2 of them will look better together.

4. The O and Mr.Cassel We all seen that they did not start off very good and did not put any points up (1 team) but look out side the box. Cassel made much better playes moved around alot better and played better in my eyes. There is still problems with the Line but they are better this year then they was last year around this time.

5. Are young Bucks are studs lol this is what i love Arenas is a beast McCluster is a problem Lewis is are under rated star and Berry Mr. I would like some skittles with that pic are all going to be good players they looked ahead of there time and just one game only thing they can do is improve i mean really.

   As a whole I think and know are Chiefs team is better then last year and will not let us down if we think with are heads and stop wishing for the best this will take time. We still have holes to fill and as of right now are weakness is ILB. But come on guys it's been 1 pre-season game stop hanging your head low  and look for the positive and see whats improving we have 3 more games to get it together before it's go time 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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