My take on the Atlanta game!

Hi all. I am laid up still recovering from my back surgery and was grateful that a few of you emailed me the online sites to watch the game. That would have been torture missing it all together while it was being played.

I have a few personal feelings about the Chiefs game and wanted to see what everyone else thought too.

First off, DMC is amazing. Not that anything he did last night was in and of itself amazing, but in the big picture, all I can say is wow! 


We have to keep in mind that he is a rookie. With that said, his performance against a top notch defense was all the more impressive to me. That was his first time on a professional level; ever! With him only improving as time goes on we have a LOT to look forward to there. He is like having a second Jamaal Charles on the team IMO, only a little more versatile. Should Arenas go down at any point, DMC can and will pick up right where Arenas left off.

Which brings me to Arenas. HOLY RUN BACKS BATMAN. Again, keeping in mind that was his first shot at a pro level game EVER, he is mind boggling. Josh Cribbs, move over son, there's a new sheriff in town and Arenas is his name-o.

Can't stress enough how impressive those two guys looked when you consider their just getting started. {{chills}}.

Okay, lets get to the meat and potatoes and open Pandora's box. What were your thoughts on Cassel versus Brodie?

Personally, I have never been a big Brodie fan, but of the two, he looked to be the crisper, more seasoned QB to me. Every QB throws int's now and again. But Brodie has never been a big int guy, so one here and there is to be expected. But lets face it, he is the only QB that could move the chains without leaning on Jamaal the whole drive.

If he could stay healthy and get some playing time, he would only get better as well. I have to say that if I was choosing our starting QB, I would be all about Brodie right now over Cassel. Cassel just does not appear to have "it". 

That said, I want to point out one area of real improvement for Cassel last night. His two biggest weaknesses last season were IMO, his inability to find wiggle room IN the pocket and his dazed and confused look after every snap. He consistently took off running to his right last season and ended up looking silly to say the least. In contrast, last night, he hung in the pocket the entire time he played. That is a HUGE improvement. I did not see him take off to his right one time, and that is to his credit for sure.

Secondly, he never actually looked flustered to me. He kept his composure throughout the entire time he was on the field. 

I was disappointed though when he overthrew Pope down the field. Pope is like 12' tall, you shouldn't ever over throw the ball to him. He appears to still have a real weakness when he is throwing the ball more than 20 yards. 

The offensive line last night looked a lot like the beginning line of last season to me. Hopefully with some time together they can find their rhythm as a unit and get it together like they did in the final 8 games of last season. Lets hope so.

The defense was the most impressive to me last night. They surprised me a lot. The front four still have issues with rushing the passer, but nowhere as dismal as last season. If they can continue to improve they should become a top ten defense by the second half of the season. I know that is a big prediction for our guys, but I believe Crennel has shown his ability to coach the 34 way better than Pendergast did last season for us.

I can't really gauge the offense as a whole yet, because I believe they will have better plays and more complex plays come regular season. Pre-season is a time of evaluation and most offenses tend to keep it simple until the season starts. So we could see some real improvement overall as the season drags on.

I would look for the 4th or 5th game to be a marker for the offense to start clicking. They are young and with the addition of so many rookies, it will take time for these guys to gel. That's to be expected really. All in all I left with a pretty good feeling about what this season may bring us by years end. There's a lot of work to be done yet and only time will tell, but I feel like we have the pieces in place to get us moving in the right direction for now.

Next year we have to address the linebackers and a NT and center to really up the ante if we expect to compete for a playoff birth. But again, Pioli's wisdom in this years draft was evident last night. 

With Thomas Jones being the workhorse, I expect to see him batter the ball into the end zone once we reach the ten yard line. He, like LT, knows how to sniff out 6 points when you get him close enough to the end zone.

I saw a lot to be encouraged by and a lot of areas we need work on still, but I think we are moving in the right direction. 

What do you say Chiefs fans?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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