Preseason fan support, are Chiefs fans the most passionate?


 This summer brought training camp back to Missouri and close to Kansas City to boot. With the camp being within driving range for many of people in the Kansas City Metro area thousands have made the trip up to watch our boys in the Red and Gold practice for the upcoming season. The scrimmage on Saturday was first reported with an attendance of: 10,721. After the jump I will take a look around at some other teams, and show you how many people attended their scrimmages. The numbers will shock you!


Green Bay even without Brett Favre still put alot of people in the seats for their scrimmage. To the tune of 47,844 cheeseheads. Below is a report from Mike Vandermause at

The good news for the Green Bay Packers is they attracted 47,844 paying customers to watch the team practice on Saturday night at Lambeau Field, which makes them the envy of almost every professional sports franchise.

Now I don't know if I envy any Packer fan, as a matter of fact I know that I do not envy any of them. The attendance for this scrimmage was down from over 60,000 over the past 6 years I'm proud to be a Chiefs fan and know that even though we had 30,000 less people attend our scrimmage that difference was made up on AP by the fans choosing to stay here and get Joel's breakdown.


The Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints had only 12,000 people attend their family day. I can understand this, because since February I have yet to set foot in Lousiana and been to probably 12 other states and ran into about 100,000 Saints fans. So I guess that covers the difference of the people who didn't show up, they are to busy living in other states.


Detroits free scrimmage brought in 17,000. Their total home attendance for the past 3 seasons, and roughly 80% of the population left in Detroit.


Jacksonville had 12,500 die hard fans show up, the most important one here:



 Apparently they were serving drinks also.


ESPN's favorite new talking subject, the New York Jets held their scrimmage at SUNY. We all know they are "Superbowl Bound", some guy really important wants a lot more money there and is currently on vacation with Jarrad Page, and they are led into battle by the man that even Joe Montana's wishes he could be Mark Sanchez.

Here is a quote from one of the glorious Sanchezes, or is it Sanchez's, or just Sanchez' Offensive Lineman:

As a starting offensive tackle for the New York Jets, Ferguson wants to move on to the Super Bowl. If Saturday evening’s Green and White scrimmage before a boisterous crowd of 9,500 at SUNY Cortland is any indication, he may get that chance.

Yep go ahead and book it, the Jets are going to the Superbowl because of their 9,500 boisterous fans.


Our cross state rivals, if you can even call them that, held their scrimmage at Lindenwood University. Apparently it was in front of thousands of crazed fans, and Bradford wowed them all. Here is their take:

Thousands of football crazed fans descended upon Harlan C. Hunter Stadium on the Lindenwood University campus Saturday night for one reason: to satisfy a football fix that only the St. Louis Rams could provide during the team's annual scrimmage.

Of course, the biggest reason most of the beyond-capacity crowd of roughly 8,000 in attendance at the 6,500-seat facility was there to see was Rams' overall No. 1 draft pick from the University of Oklahoma, Sam Bradford.

I didn't even know the Rams had 8,000 fans. My guess is that the Oklahoma University alumni put on a special banquet to welcome Bradford into the league and they took a trip up there to root him on!

So AP, from those of you that have been to camp, attended the family day and witnessed the scrimmage would you say we have the most passionate fans? Of course its only preseason, and when the regular season attendance totals come out we will find out who sticks it out. As of right now, I think everyone across the league is excited and by the number of fans attending workouts for teams that were less than stellar last season, there is always hope in a new year and new season. Unless you know like all of us that watch ESPN, its going to be the Jets and Bengals in the Superbowl!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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