Chiefs Training Camp: Another Hot One Tuesday Afternoon

It was a somewhat memorable practice at Kansas City Chiefs training camp this afternoon. After practice, we heard from special teams coach Steve Hoffman, defensive line coach Anthony Pleasant and quarterback Matt Cassel.

Here are some practice highlights and I'll have more from the folks above later tonight and tomorrow.

Tony Moeaki and Travis Daniels did not participate in practice. They were on the bikes. Moeaki was injured in the scrimmage last Saturday and we're not sure what's up with Daniels.

Kind of a funny moment: Matt Cassel and Shaun Smith were messing with each other while doing some running. Smith was grabbing his jersey to push him back as they were running and Cassel did the same. Glad to see some camaraderie.

Tim Castille has a tattoo that says "Struggle".

Castille also caught a nice screen pass and, with a good block from his receiver, might've scored on the play.

New offensive lineman Dan Santucci fell to the ground on one drill and Smith yelled at him to stay off the ground.

Dexter McCluster saw a little time at running back and showed that burst that he has.

Javier Arenas dropped a Dustin Colquitt punt in a drill.

Colquitt has an unreal leg. He was kicking it from the 30 and it was landing near the goal line.

Eric Berry had a few blitzes. He had a clear lane to Cassel at one point but Cassel found Leonard Pope in the flat.

Dwayne Bowe caught several nice passes near the sideline. He's been solid on keeping his feet in bounds and catching the pass.

Tamba Hali pressured Brodie Croyle and would have been a sack in a real game. Several plays later, a combination of Glenn Dorsey and Mike Vrabel  collapsed the pocket. Pierre Walters and Dion Gales did the same to Tyler Palko.

Barry Richardson pancaked Arenas at one point. Talk about a size difference.

In a goal line play, Thomas Jones dove over the pile for the score. It was Marcus Allen-esque.

There was a scuffle at one point between Eric Berry and Jake O'Connell. I couldn't quite tell what started it but they were going at it for a few seconds before it was broken up.

Jake O'Connell once again had a nice touchdown catch. He caught a Croyle pass in the end zone and was drilled by Derrick Johnson immediately. O'Connell held on though for the score.

Jersey watch: I saw a Greg Hill #27 and a Dale Carter #34.

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