My Day at Camp

I attended the Chiefs training camp yesterday so I figured I could show you guys some pics I snapped and some of the convos that I got to have with the players.

When practice was over I hollered at Mike Vrabel and he came right over and started talking to me. The comment to Vrabel was "Hey the teams looking good already!"

Vrabel:haha "I wouldnt quite say that but thanks for the support!"

I then yelled at Matt Cassel who told the trainer that he was going to go talk to us:

Cassel: " We are really enjoying being back out here and thanks for coming out to watch us."

Somebody then told him that they saw his karaoke on youtube and Matt laughed and said "Yeah I was really banging them out back then."



I also got to talk with McGraw and MoLegg. MoLegg actually suprided me b/c I thought he was a tool before getting to talk with him.

I asked MoLegg how it felt to be back on the field

MoLegg: 'Oh my god it feels so great to be back out there playing!"

I also got to meet Albert, Asamoah, McCluster, Wiggs, Castille and others...and oh yeah did I mention Eric Freakin Berry???

Oh yeah and here is the story on how Berry ended up carrying Bowes pads..

After the morning practice Bowe and Berry where still signing autos and Bowe started to walk off with his pads and everybody started screaming "Dont leave"! Bowe then responded "Im just putting my pads on the cart..They are heavy!" Then somebody in the crowd screamed "Thats what Berry is for!" Bowe then got a smirk on his face and said "You know what you are right!" Bowe then walked over and handed Eric Berry his pads.





The wildcat



The above pic really impressed me..DJ covdered JC very well in the one on ones.



Jones running the ball



Quinten trying to make a big catch



Weis coaching up the QBs



LB drills

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