You Can't Always Get What You Want: What Did The Chiefs Miss In The 2010 Offseason?

Speaking on 810 WHB on Tuesday, Chiefs coach Todd Haley said the following:

"I feel good in all areas. I think that's a great point that you can't get everything you want [in one offseason], so you try to do what you think helps you the most at the time."

When he says you can't get everything you want in one offseason, that implies that he didn't get something that he wanted this year.

So what did the Chiefs miss in the 2010 offseason?

Here are three ideas.

1. Nose tackle

For many fans, this was the number one position that needed to be addressed this offseason. It's nothing against Ron Edwards, the incumbent, but he's 31 years old and doesn't represent the future. Everyone wants the future now.

In Scott Pioli's defense, 3-4 nose tackles are hard to come by and it would appear to me that he didn't want to draft one or sign one just to do so. He wants to make it the right fit.

The Chiefs must be thinking that the Ron Edwards/Shaun Smith/Derek Lokey trio can make do in the 2010 season but I imagine nose tackle would fall under the "you can't do it all at once" category.

2. Outside linebacker

Sure the Chiefs picked up Cameron Sheffield in the draft but, as a fifth round pick, how quickly could he step in for Mike Vrabel, who is seemingly in his final year?

For 2010, the Chiefs are fine at outside linebacker with Tamba Hali (the future) and Vrabel (the right now). But after that it's up in the air. Andy Studebaker has shown some promise so I suppose I can see the argument for him and Sheffield is someone the Chiefs think can develop but neither are locks to be the future behind Vrabel.

3. Offensive tackle

This one is debatable, I know that.

Maybe to be Ryan O'Callaghan's successor or maybe just to be a swing tackle, I thought the Chiefs should've added another offensive tackle this offseason either through free agency or the draft.

Branden Albert and O'Callaghan will be the guys in 2010 -- and I'm fine with that -- but the Chiefs also could've added another offensive tackle to create options. if you sign another one, all of a sudden Albert has another position, such as guard or right tackle, if he's not cutting it at left tackle (For the record, I'm not predicting he fails).

If an offensive tackle goes down, I don't feel too comfortable with the group replacing one of the starters.


There are a lot of different answers here. Those are mine. What positions did Haley and Co. not take care of in the 2010 offseason?

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