My Breakdown Of The Broncos Schedule




This has probably be done a couple of times but I'm bored so here is my take on the Denver Broncos season.  I'm going to try to be as unbiased as I can although we all know I hate the Broncos with a passion. 


The Broncos last year had a great first 6 games.  They seemed unstoppable with a aggressive defense and a complimentary offense.  I honestly thought they were going to sweep the division and win 12 plus games.  Then what happened?  They lost 8 of their last 10 games.  There many reasons why this could have happened so I'll leave the speculation to you guys.   This season they have a combined opponent record of 124-132 in 2009.  Which is ranked as the 24th hardest schedule.  Let's take a look at their games this coming season.


Week One:  Broncos (0-0) at Jaguars

I think the Broncos will have a lot to prove early this season.  I think that Jaguars had a below average draft and don't see them getting any better this year.  Both teams are just "average" at best.  I think this turns more into a defensive game but the Jag's will have to have more time to gel.  Broncos win in a low scoring game.


Week Two:  Seahawks at Broncos (1-0)

This will be an interesting game.  The Seahawks have gotten a lot better and Hasselbeck needs at least one more week until he gets injured.  The Broncos secondary should match up well against the 'Hawks WR's.  The Broncos will get enough pressure to disrupt the backfield.  The Broncos shouldn't have a problem moving the ball on these guys.  Broncos win.


Week Three:  Colts at Broncos (2-0)

These next four weeks will be a KILLER stretch for the Broncos.  It doesn't help they start with the Colts.  The defenses should allow quite a bit of points.  I just don't see the Broncos matching the Colts offense.


Week Four:  Broncos (2-1) at Titans

The Titans defense shouldn't scare anyone and I think Moreno will put up 125 plus yards this game.  The Broncos can afford to stack the box against Chris Johnson since their secondary won't need help this game.  Once you get the Titans one dimensional you should pull out a win.


Week Five:  Broncos (3-1) at Ravens

I don't think this game will be close.  The Ravens will have a field day with the Broncos. Their defense is getting old just like the Broncos but they've done more this draft to supplement.  The Ravens offense is also looking scary even with JoeElmo Flacco at QB.


Week Six:  Jets at Broncos (3-2)

Anoter tough game for the Broncos.  The Jets secondary will have no problem with the Broncos "Rookie" WR's.  I don't think the Broncos will have much problem against the Jets offense though.  In the end I think the Jets shut down the Broncos offense.  Sadly, a couple touchdowns here is all it will take to win for the Jets.


Week Seven:  Raiders at Broncos (3-3)

Division games are always hard to predict but the key is usually who is at home.  The Broncos are at home and it should be chilly for the Raiders.  Even though the Raiders have improved Campbell can't get it done in Denver.


Week Eight:  Broncos (4-3) VS 49ers -London Game

This will be a fun game to watch and it's in London!  The 49ers have had it pretty easy up until now and will have more energy on the ball than the beat up Broncos.  Jet lag will also suck.


Week Nine:  Bye Week 

Right now the Broncos are 4-4 which is .500 which is still good since the AFC West isn't anything spectacular.  It shouldn't take many wins for any team but it should be a close race for division title in my opinion.


Week Ten: Chiefs at Broncos (4-4)

I have been back and forth on this game for a couple of weeks now.  Each team will want to prove something.  Last season we both had a killer game with over 40 points scored.  The Broncos will win this based on a bye week to prepare.  The Chiefs are also playing in Denver which is always hard.


Week Eleven:  Broncos  (5-4) at Chargers 

The Chargers are always tough for the Broncos and they should have Vincent Jackson back.  Mathews should be used to the NFL game by now and do better by this time in the season.  It should be a close game though.


Week Twelve:  Rams at Broncos (5-5)

Rams just don't have enough talent to match most teams in the NFL.  Rams will do better with Bradford but Jackson is getting older.  So focus all your attention to the very limited amount of weapons the Rams have.  Should be an easy win but then again "Any Given Sunday".


Week Thirteen:  Broncos (6-5) at Chiefs

The Broncos won't sweep the Chiefs this year no matter how much kool-aid the fans are drinking.  It will be a pretty close game but will be at Arrowhead and the Chiefs will be pumped up to redeem themselves.


Week Fourteen: Broncos (6-6) at Cardinals

Cardinals just won't be the same team without Warner.  Cardinals have lost a lot of weapons and won't hold up even at home.


Week Fifteen: Broncos (7-6) at Raiders

The Broncos will sweep the Raiders this year.  I just don't see the Raiders as that much better.  Next year, might be a different story with all their VERY young talent developing.


Week Sixteen:  Broncos (8-6) at Texans

The Texans are scary but get overlooked because of the Colts.  I think the Texans will throw a lot of underneath passes this game to Daniels and have a heavy pass game against an "older" secondary.  It is also late in the season and age is always a factor.


Week Seventeen:  Chargers at Broncos (8-7)

Once againalways a tough game against the Chargers.  I give the edge here to the Broncos since at homefield but will be a close divisional game.


There you have it guys.  As much as I hate the Broncos they should go 9-7 this year and 4-2 in the division.  I honestly, can't predict what place this will be cause it should be close this year.  The Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos should be pulling for the division with the Raiders not far behind.  Btw, I hate the Broncos.


Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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