You're a newb....


Recently I was reading a post where some folks were accussing another veteran poster of being a "newb"or "noob" as stated in some circles. Some also went to the extreme of calling the poster a "troll". This got me to thinking and considering the fact that every year we have a plethora of new posters that begin their AP experience on the wrong foot. (Dare I use the word "We", since it's really the Thorman bro's site).

We always accept new posters with open arms into the "familia" We just hope they understand that they need to garner a level of acceptance and respect through thought provoking posts before they are truly accepted into the community. Some try to use humor and usually early on they tend to offend (inadvertantly) some of the long term folks around here. Keep in mind that when you do see jibes/jokes between two posters and it may "SEEM" that they are hard on each other, it's typically because they've established a long-time'll get there eventually. It's not a carte blanche to do the same.

 I thought I'd put together a few thoughts to make those synapse start firing during the off-season and to prepare our new brethren for the upcoming season.

I find some of the folks that are relatively new try to fit in right away by thinking they've established themsleves on the board and in turn start to fire away at users without really either reading, investigating (looking up the poster) or articulating their thoughts succinctly. That should be your first task if you don't immediately recognize a user.

So how well do you know the board....let's see shall we ;-) cheating if you don't  know the answers by reading the replies below...just test yourself first J

So, let's have some fun shall we, and test yourselves...btw, feel free to add additional "you're a newb" for things I might have missed over the last few years of being on here:

  • 1) If you're posts number in the single or double're a newb
  • 2) If you're posts number in the triple're a relative newb
  • 3) If you've posted in the thousands (plural), you've probably had some good debates against those above ....and they're newbs.
  • 4) If you've never taken the time to actually click on the posters name to get an idea of the length of member time and number of posts before responding to're a newb
  • 5) If you're attacking a poster instead of stating your point/asking for're a newb.
  • 6) If you have no idea who this poster was're a newb


  • John-cena-john-cena-3412958-240-320_medium


  • 7) If you don't know about "guppy"'re a newb
  • 8) If you don't know about the use of the word "retarted" (not misspelled)'re a newb
  • 9) If you don't know Joel Thormans original username're a newb
  • 10) If you don't know that "THE_TRUTH" is a username making fun of any newbs're a newb
  • 11) If you don't know who our porn rep is on here (username,location,job)'re a newb
  • 12) If you never REALLY read the TOS or're most definitely a newb
  • 13) If you don't know what 2.7 stands're a newb
  • 14) If you don't know who Lanier is on AP (not the player) and his life're a newb
  • 15) If you don't know what the sarcastic font're a newb
  • 16) If you don't know who said (and I'm parapharsing)..." long as you don't post some f'ing s!@# with dolphins and unicorns"'re a newb
  • 17) If you don't know who posts pictures of dolphins and unicorns...let's not forget cowbells and the occassional manatee or whale riding one of the're a newb
  • Tumblr_kr2tw147pg1qz7v0zo1_500_medium_medium



  • 18) If you've never posted on a live game day're a newb
  • 19) If you've been on a game day threa and never had to re-open your browser from over 500 comments locking down your browser (yes I've used IE,Firefox and Opera to no avail)'re a newb
  • 20) If you don't know THE_TRUTH's arch-nemesis although we've had some thought provoking debates (Godfather III still rocks bro)'re a newb hint: stay thirsty my friends
  • 21) If your post has never gone're a newb
  • 22) If you've never either gotten a H/T or know what one're a newb
  • 23) If you don't know or never used/seen a quote on AP from "The Big Lebowski"'re a newb
  • So, how did you do?...yeah, nothing wrong with being a newb. Just get to know some of AP's quirks/antics.

Remember, in the end it's all about fun. We're all an extended family here wanting the best for OUR team. YES, OUR TEAM...just remember that. We're not a bunch of fans supporting different teams going at each other, we're all here from different parts of the world with the same desired make fun of the rest of the AFC west. No,no, ...seriously though, it's to support our cities Chiefs.

Can't wait for the coin flip a couple months away...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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