The Chiefs got NUTHIN'


cool hand luke (via Hollon67)

Some might call the quiet coming out of Arrowhead a "failure to communicate".  I think that the reason for it is that Pioli and Haley would rather let the on field action do the talking.  I also believe that the Chiefs "failure to communicate" to the rest of the league about what to expect from them is part of how you play poker in the NFL.

What exactly do the Chiefs have this year?  Nuthin'.  At least that is what the majority of pundits seem to think and I also think that it is exactly what Pioli and Haley are counting on.  Look at most of what has been written so far about the Chiefs for this season.  Nobody is giving any more than a glimmer of hope that the Chiefs will win more than six games or so this year.  As the season draws closer, more of the talking heads will begin to put the pieces together and I think that attitude will change.  What won't change until the Chiefs take the field is the mystery of just exactly who they are for 2010.   

The poker analogy works well here because to play winning poker, you must baffle your opponent as to what cards you hold until they make a mistake and commit their money to the pot while holding the losing hand.  This is usually accomplished by mixing up your play and limiting your "tells".  Tells are actions that can be recognized by the astute card player and can indicate what kind of a hand the 'teller' holds.  One way of avoiding tells is to wear dark glasses to hide your eyes (I have tried this and always thought it made it harder to see the cards).  It would seem from past performace that Romeo and Charlie are pretty good at avoiding tells on game day.   

By playing their cards close to the vest, Pioli and Haley do two things, they keep the competition guessing and they make it possible to 'leak' intentionally wrong information that could factor in to an opposing teams game plan (at least early in the season) through the use of 'fake' tells.  Ever wonder why injuries are not explained by these guys?  If the opposing game planner has no idea of the length or severity of an injury, they have to spend valuable practice time to preparing for scenarios involving both the injured player and his reserve.  Is Wallace Gilberry going to play LB?  Will Glenn Dorsey play NT?  Small things all, but enough small things added together might just tip the scales in the right direction.

This is nothing new, but it is surprising to me that given the pedigree of the folks in charge at Arrowhead, that there are not more people out there putting theories in print that would at least shine a little light onto the POSSIBILITY that the Chiefs will have a turnaround season.  As has been pointed out many times here on Arrowhead Pride, several teams throughout the years in the NFL have done exactly that and with lesser known coaches and management than what now reside in KC.   

I am here to tell you that all of the things that have been, and continue to be discussed here on the best Chiefs Blog in the world during this offseason, are reasons to believe that the Chiefs will rock the house this fall.  They may not win the tournament, but they will take down alot of pots along the way (poker tourney talk).  All it takes is a chip and a chair to compete. 

Here is the laundry list from the team that's got NUTHIN':

1)  Shiny new running back Thomas Jones--He is an iron man that is on a tear.  He fits with the offensive scheme and I think I have shown that he is, at the very least, a sought after component of this offense in it's NFL history.  I think it is fair to say that he has nuthin' left in the tank.

2)  The emergence of Jamaal Charles--we all know that he is really nuthin' special...right?

3)  Offensive line players brought in--Lilja/Weigmann/Asomaoh.  Combine those with our last years rookies that are chomping at the bit to get on the field.  It's a competition that don't mean nuthin'.  

4)  Matt Cassel will come out firing on all cylinders.  There are no MAJOR changes to the system that he has been learning and all indications are that he will have better protection than last year.  Charlie Weis will not have to be the head coach as well as the play caller.  He will be able to focus on the game plan and make adjustments as needed.  He will be able to talk to Cassel about what is going on out on the field while the Chiefs are waiting to get the ball back on offense.  Sounds like nuthin' to me.

5)  An improved defensive secondary.  Improved?  With rookies?  I am still betting (this is my poker decision for good or ill) that Page will not want to set out an entire season to try and get a better deal.  He wants money and I think that under the circumstances, Haley and Pioli are willing to call Page's bluff and put him on the field so he can play for a contract.  If this happens, we now have the vet and the rookies to make absolutely nuthin' happen on defense.

6)  What happened to the front seven over the off season?  NUTHIN'!  Just keep believing that doubters.  There is nuthin' about our front seven to be concerned about, nuthin' at all.

7)  The 2010 Chiefs schedule.  We ain't seen nuthin' yet, but we are about to.

8)  Dwayne Bowe, Chris Chambers and Dexter McCluster are nuthin' to get excited about.

Can you win with Nuthin'?  You bet Aunt Fannies girdle you can!


A Real Cool Hand... R.I.P. Paul Newman (via loom1987)

So there it is Chiefs Fans.  I have wracked my brain trying to come up with reasons that the Chiefs can't or won't be competitive in the upcoming season.  Maybe it's just me, but NUTHIN' comes to mind.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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