Chiefs 2010 Depth Chart


QB= Matt Cassel - paid him a lot of money, hes our franchise QB

HB=Jamaal Charles/Thomas Jones - I think they will split 40/60 in order to preserve charles for future years

FB=Mike Cox/Tim Castille - only fullbacks we have

WR1= Dwayne Bowe WR2= Chris Chambers WR3= Dexter McCluster WR4= Jehreme Urban - Bowe has to prove he is valuable to the chiefs in order to stay past 2010. Chambers is a proven vet. who is starting to show signs of age, but still has at least 1 more year, but probably 2. McCluster will be our version of Cribbs. He will play reciever, H-back, and wildcat QB. Urban is a sold reciever who will compete with McCluster for the 3rd spot.

TE= Brad Cottam - He showed potential late in the season, and with Leonard Pope, Jake O'Connell, and Tony Moeaki, there is not much competition for him to beat out

LT=Branden Albert - didn't draft anyone to play tackle, and Albert is looking to regain his rookie form

LG= Brian Waters - solid veteran, and still a solid O-lineman

C= Casey Wiegmann/ Rudy Niswanger - they will split time, but niswanger will play more and will learn under Weigmann

RG= Ryan Lilja - solid pickup this offseason and should start 16 games if he stays healthy.

RT= Ryan O'Callaghan - we may have found a diamond in the rough here, and he may be our starter for the next few years.


DE's= Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson - two top 5 draft picks

NT= Shaun Smith - Edwards did a very poor job last year and Crennel knows him from his days in Cleveland

OLB's= Mike Vrabel and Tamba Hali - A solid veteran in Vrabel, and a rising star in Hali

ILB= Demorrio Williams, Corey Mays - I pick these two because I think haley will be reluctant to put Johnson on the field, even after his monster game in denver.

CB1=Brandon Flowers CB2=Brandon Carr NICKEL= Javier Arenas - Arenas was drafted to return kicks and punts not play corner. However, he will compete with Carr, but Carr will beat him out for the starting job.

FS=Jarrad Page/ DaJaun Morgan - Page will start if he signs, but if he doesn't, i think they will want to see what they have in DaJuan Morgan. If he fails I think that either Macgraw or Lewis may start

SS= Eric Berry - Top 5 draft pick


K=Ryan Succop

P= Dustin Colquitt

KR= Javier Arenas/Dexter McCluster

PR=Javier Arenas

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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